Monday, August 18, 2008

I love olympics!

Hello, my name is Betsy Fox and I am addicted to watching Olympics. The kids are moaning that all I do is watch Olympics. That isn't entirely true, but not that far off. I do try to limit it to evenings only (except for the weekends). We had a fun evening on Saturday with our friends the Taylors. We held the first Taylor/Fox Olympics in our backyard. Events included, lawn gymnastic tricks, trampoline water tricks, slip and slide form, and backyard obstacle course. Clark designed medals for all the events and the girls helped color them. We feasted on a yummy BBQ and the moms enjoyed cheering on the kids while the dads were the judges. The kids wanted to moms to be judges to but we told them it is too hard for moms to judge kids!
I am busy organizing a couple of clubs the kids are doing this fall. Clark is in a club called Knights of Freedom with about 12 boys. They read biographies about famous Americans' childhoods. The semester we will read about John Glenn, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. We will host it at our house, but the other moms and the boys will plan the activities.
Bethany is doing a club called Liberty Girls and they read the American Girl books. This semester is Addy. Once again, I am doing the administrative stuff and doing all the registration, but I am not doing the activities or hosting that one. So now is the busy time of getting it all set up.


Matt and Misty said...

I am glad to hear that their are other Olympic junkies out there! I love your blog. I love hearing about all that you are doing. It makes me feel closer to you guys:) Tell Bethany congrats on making the dance team. That is very exciting! I am sure that she will do well. We love you all very much!

Amy Fox said...

Our girls did the Addy books last year with the twins. Ours was a low key Liberty Girls, but lots of fun! We're doing Kaya now...

We loved the Olympics too, but we're glad our bedtime will be earlier again now!