Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's go fly a kite

Uncle Matt and Aunt Misty gave Clark a really cool, big kite shaped liked the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean and we finally got around to flying it. It worked really well! Abe and the kids went to the park by our house where there was plenty of room and no trees. I love pictures of kids swinging and flying kites. It just captures what childhood should be about.

Bethany auditioned for the "Mini Company" where she and Elinor take dance classes and she made it. So they came and put this poster and balloons on our front door. She was pretty excited and Faith was excited about the balloons!

Here is our little happy chappy! He is getting more fun every day and has started laughing.
Here is the kid's latest block creation- inspired by Indiana Jones. The round blocks on the top sides roll down and crush whatever is in their way. They also really enjoy building little houses for the girls' pet shop toys (small little animal figurines) to live in. If we only had one kind of toy in the house--we would all choose the blocks! A side note for this picture-- Faith does get her hair done at least every other day-- I guess it wasn't one of those days for this picture!

In other news, Clark has switched to a new piano teacher. We LOVED Mrs. Benson, but it was so hard logistically so we are going to a teacher we knew several years ago when we lived in Draper who now also lives in Riverton.
We recently finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia and we loved them. We're back to the Little House and the Prarie books. I always like reading them because it makes me feel like we live in a mansion and have a feast for every meal! It also makes me really enjoy staying home and just playing together.


Mothership said...

I totally know what you mean about the LHOTP books. When we were deciding whether to go to school, buy a small house, and never eat out, I was inspired by Caroline. Really, if she can survive and be happy with one room and navy beans, I can surely be happy here. Isn't it something that life improves when it is simplified?

By the way, what is Minis?

Amy Fox said...

Wow! Your Ballet Company really goes the extra mile!! How fun for Bethany!

Katie Fox said...

my kids tried to build that block thing with their blocks after seeing that picture. How fun to keep somewhat connected with cousins.