Monday, September 8, 2008

Bye bye summer

So summer is pretty much over and it has gone so quickly. We are back to all our activities and clubs and school schedule. Cannon is a big three month old and continues to grow quickly and delight us all. Abe is back to classes at the University of Utah two nights a week. Here are a few pictures of our end of summer adventures.
So I think I must be getting older or something, because this was our camping experience this summer. Abe and Clark pitched the tent in the backyard and we set up Abe's little instant gas campfire and we had a lovely, clean campout. Abe was even so sweet as to bring Clark's mattress out for me to sleep on. There was no dirt and there were flushing toilets easily accessible. Lazy lazy lazy, but very fun. I don't know if I can go back to the woods!
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The kids enjoyed themselves at Abe's summer work party for Feature Films for Families- face painting, cotton candy, snow-cones, games, rides, and slides.
Bethany designed these cute little hats for the girls using coffee filters and red and green strips of paper. I thought they were pretty cute!

We went to Lagoon and this is a picture Abe took of him and Clark just before the upside down roller coaster ride! Clark was a little nervous (obviously!) but he said it wasn't so bad and he sort of liked it. All of the kids were were so brave going on rides. Okay, well Faith wasn't very brave even on the the super little kiddie rides. She was pretty much horrified by everything except the baby boats.

This is a picture of Abe, Clark and Faith on the big ferris wheel and believe it or not, Abe is the one being really brave here. He doesn't do so well with heights and needles, so it was a challenge for him to move enough to get the camera out of his pocket. We were all so proud of him!
We started our Knights of Freedom club at our house. See the blog I set up for our chapter at to see more pictures of our club meeting and the fun two day Summit activity. Clark was a Knight and Abe was one of the villians in the huge final battle. They had a marvelous time.


Abe Fox said...

AWESOME.....Sweetheart. I love it all!!

Matt and Misty said...

Oh how I miss you! You all look like you are having so much fun! I love your new picture! It is so great. Everyone looks awesome, I think Elinore is my favoite though! She is so stinkin' cute...oh what am I saying? They are all so stinkin' cute!

Katie Fox said...

Wow is all I can say to that knights thing. I am going to steal your idea of camping in the back yard my kids have been bugging me and I just can't get motivated to do all the work of camping for 1 night.

Mothership said...

That final picture says it all! How much fun is your household?! Clark is plainly proud of his energetic dad. Love it.

Amy Fox said...

John saw your knights of freedom pictures. He wanted me to take him there. He likes all things that involve swordplay. What an awesome group you are a part of. Abe is a good sport too. :)