Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 26th

Bethany loses her first top tooth.

Liberty girls! To see more pictures of our Liberty Girls club go to

Today we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to see the changing leaves. It was beautiful. Clark was particularly anxious to "just get out there hiking around".
We climbed down to the stream and explored a bit. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a little picnic.

Abe and Clark. Clark is never so happy as when he is in the great outdoors.

Cannon is never so happy as when he is in his little pouch.

Abe samples the mountain stream.

Faith collected berries! (don't worry she didn't eat them). On a side note, Faith is doing well with her potty training. We are going to attempt church tomorrow in panties!


Mothership said...

Between Abe and his poisonous water and Faith and her poisonous grapes, I would be watching the stool samples.

Okay, that's probably going too far--just raised the friendship level a notch.

jared, leslie & vale ethan said...

You've always have so many fun activities going on with your kids. I might need to "borrow" some of your ideas! You're amazing!!!