Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend of play

We have had a very fun filled weekend. Bethany had a violin recital Friday night for which I got the location mixed up . Fortunately we were very early to the wrong location so we still had time to get to the right location. Oops. She played Mussette by Bach and Bourree(sp?) by Handel. She played very well. All the performers had a few little bumbles as the violin teacher recently had a baby and they'd only had three lesson since she came back from maternity time off.

Much to the delight of Abe and Clark they went to the BYU football game on Saturday where the Cougars annihalated UCLA. Brig and Dev had two extra tickets they gave to us. This was particulary good for Abe because he had been racking his brain all week trying to figure out how he was going to see the game. You can only see BYU football games if you have cable to get "The Mountain" channel. Dumb. But anyway, we don't have very many friends or family with cable, so he was quite distraught. We were very grateful for the tickets--thanks Brig and Dev! I took the girls and Cannon to see the American Girl Movie, Kit Kittridge. The girls really enjoyed it.
So here are my children acting like DOGS! Sunday afternoon can be used for so many good things. We chose to have a dog show. I'd like to introduce you to Bolt (Clark)- the Husky/fox breed, Goldy(Bethany)- the poodle/fox, Cocoa(Elinor)-the Terrier/fox, and Pookie(Faith)- the chihuahua/fox breed. They competed in trotting, fetching, and posing. Abe was the judge and he gave little bits of cookie for every performance in each event. Elinor was the grand champion. I quite enjoyed watching the show. However, Bolt, upon losing proceeded to attack Goldy and Cocoa. He was foaming at the mouth. It wasn't pretty, but it was pretty funny. (don't worry he wasn't really upset, it was all in good fun).

Faith has moved into her "Big girl bed". She was very excited and cheering for Abe has he took her crib apart and moved the toddler bed into the girls' room. But, then came the time to actually take a nap in her new big girl bed and then it wasn't so exciting. She came out of her back at least 15 times before she accepted that it really was time for a nap. I felt like I was in an episode of Super Nanny..."It's time for your nap" in my very calm but firm voice.

Cannon is NOT sleeping good. For about two months he was practically sleeping through the night. I thought, wow! I must be doing something right. Well, if I was doing something right then, then I am definitely doing something WRONG now, because he is waking up and nursing a TON!!!! Most of you know how well I do without good sleep(ha ha ha). So I am praying for a better night tonight.
We had a very fun evening with our friends, the Johansens playing games and eating way too many cookies and yummy cake. The kids played great together.


Abe Fox said...

Betsy...I really am loving the blog. THANKS for doing it!

Mothership said...

This is weird. We didn't have a dog show, but we did have dogs yapping around the house last night. Must have to do with the corresponding ages of our children.

Did you notice that Abe leaves the same comment every time? We all know you love your wife, but maybe "I loved that picture" or "Yes, we did have a great time at the game" or "You forgot to mention _______!"

Work on creativity, there, Abraham!(:

fox family said...

The dog show idea is so funny. Very creative Sunday activity. Lauren thinks that "that girl" (Faith) in the toddler bed looks like her. Any videos to share of the violin recital? Glad to be keeping up with you!

(I just sent you an invite to our FoxFAQs blog)

henryteachers said...

It is so great to hear how you are doing by reading your blog. Your kids are so creative with their dog show. G. was fortunate enough to go to the BYU game too. What a win! I've been wanting to take my kids to see the new Kit movie too. We'll have to before it leaves the $1 theater. Did I ever congratulate you on your new baby Cannon? Hopefully you got a good night sleep last night.
Mindy :)

Abe Fox said...
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Abe Fox said...

As Abe, dressed in 1820s farmer garb, holds a handful of corn seed, he looks up to the sky.....throws the seeds in the air......and shouts "I will!"

This creative comment is dedicated to Emily Sanders

Mothership said...

HA!! Justin and I both enjoyed your bursting forth, Abe. I'm so glad you are a good sport.


Amy Fox said...

Bethany looks so grown up! Jesse can't wait to take John to games like that. What an awesome game to attend. Jesse watched it on TV. He's taken John to a couple, but survived only by buying lots of hotdogs and treats to entertain him. :)

Jenny said...

Oh Betsy, your family is so beautiful! This is Jenny (Stathis) Mathis, by the way. :) Yes, the names rhyme. What are the chances!

Your kids are so dang cute! I can't believe how many you have! Fun! We have one. :) A little boy. I just adore him.

I'd love to send you an invitation to view our blog. Can I get your e-mail address? Mine is Hope to hear from you, and glad to see you're doing well. By the way...I found your blog through Mindy's.