Saturday, October 11, 2008

The juices are flowing!

The creative juices are flowing around here! I cannot keep up with all the kids' "good ideas". The most recent just before bedtime was taping wooden blocks to their feet and going block skating-- like ice-skating, but with blocks. The house is a disaster area, but it is fun to see what they come up with next. Was I not a creative child? I don't remember doing stuff like this.
This was Friday. It was medieval/fantasy day. They made their own costumes.

Clark was the Prince/ Knight. The white sock hanging from his belt is his money bag, with real money in it.

Bethany was the Queen. Clark was her son. She named him Prince Eric.

This is my favorite picture. Elinor was the dwarf. Clark made her the ax and yes, she has a beard taped to her chin. She wasn't very happy about this. She kept saying, "I want to be a girl!" Clark would answer, "Elinor, there ARE girl dwarfs!" She would say, "But not with beards!" She was a good sport though. Note her sock money bag.

Faith's costume consisted of this attractive cardboard mask and breastplate made from a milk carton. Note the sock money bag.

Elinor shows off another of Clark's creations. An attractive helmet made from cardboard and a milk carton. Hmm, I wonder if they rinsed that carton out first?

Bethany built this contraption for Faith. I'm not sure what they called it, but Faith was happy to sit in it for about 45 minutes. Notice she is shaded from the elements and has her sippy-cup for refreshment if needed.

Here in Utah is a place called Gardner Village. In 1877 there was a flour mill built and now the area has been restored with little shops and restaurants. In October they have fabulous dressed up witches all over. We went for the first time on Friday night. We were dumped by two babysitters (that hurt) so we opted for a "family date" instead of a mom and dad date. It was quite fun for all.

My favorite witch-- for obvious reason. This was outside the fun candy store. We all got to pick out a little treat!

The girls with one of the witches. There was a sign next to this one that's not in the picture, but I thought was kind of funny. It said, "You call me a witch like that is a bad thing!"

I had a fun day today. For those who don't know her, this our wonderful friend, Allison Sherman. She and I had a little outing today for lunch and some shopping (getting on Christmas early). The kids love her so we enjoyed her company at our house for a bit this afternoon while Abe watched BYU football upstairs. We won, but winter seems to have arrived a bit early here in Utah so I think it was pretty chilly at the game.


henryteachers said...

It is so fun to see your kids being creative. What great ideas they come up with! I love Gardiner Village. Great idea to take the family when your sitters couldn't.

jared, leslie & vale ethan said...

The imagination of {your} children! They are so resourceful and creative with those costumes!! I love reading your blog!!!

Ali said...

Thanks for Saturday! What a blast ... I have been craving that soup ever since!

D & J Moyes said...

Betsy I was dying laughing about Elinor and the dwarf costume. That is seriously funny! I have heard about that witch place and have always wanted to go. Maybe some year.