Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Primary Program

Here are my little ladies! We had our Primary Program at church on Sunday. The girls wore their "Christmas dresses" for the occasion. Our family was asked to sing a song for the program called "Home"( in the Children's Songbook). I tried to tell the Primary president that we weren't really singers. She countered that Abe has a great singing voice (he's in primary) and I do a great job as the primary chorister. I said, "Well we can sing loud, but that doesn't mean we sing well!" However, we did it and I don't think it was a complete embarrassment. I asked a great family in our ward to take care of Cannon during the program. Apparently he was quite happy until he heard us get up to sing. Then he recognized the song and our voices and it was pretty ugly from then on out. The kids all did a great job saying their parts loudly and clearly.
It's Halloween time! During our recent moves over the past couple of years we really had to downsize. I had inherited a bunch of Halloween decorations from my mom and I got rid of pretty much everything. So last year when Halloween time came around the kids were not very happy with me when they realized we had no Halloween decorations. Abe encouraged them to make their own homemade decorations and they had a blast last year. Today they decided it was time to decorate for Halloween again. Here are a few of their creations. I just had to make sure they had a supply of markers, construction paper, aluminum foil, newspaper and garbage bags (for ghosts). Bethany taped these papers up on the window. Let me put them in order for you, "You will never scare me, but I can scare you , ha ha ha).

I do love Halloween!


Ali said...

The program went great and you guys sounded beautiful! Thanks for inviting me!

Matt and Misty said...

I have to say that this years decorations are good but I miss Clark's bats from last year. I am sure though that the creations have only just begun :)

Betsy Fox said...

Hi Misty May,
Don't worry,the bats are on their way. He is suffering from a lack of cardboard for proper construction! I'll have to go raid some dumpsters and get myself fined or something. Enjoy conference weekend!
love you!