Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Night

We were going to carve pumpkins for family home evening tomorrow, but Abe decided tonight was better because we had more time. I don't actually do anything to help carve the pumpkins. I have a real aversion to touching the insides of pumpkins. It makes my hands sting. Same thing with cutting tomatoes. Does anyone else have this problem? Well anyway, Clark carved his (bottom left) and Cannon's (top right). Elinor designed her's (bottom right) and Bethany designed her's (top second from left). Elinor debrained her's and Bethany's. Bethany takes after me and would have nothing to do with actually touching the pumpkins. Abe is the master carver. He was a little concerned that this year's pumpkins were lacking in artistic merit. He has had some pretty impressive years. I think this year is great too, but he said he went for quantity not quality. Here is one sad little side note. We have to keep our pumpkins in our fenced in back yard because we have some mean spirited youth in our neighborhood with too much time on their hands. We'll probably only put them out on Halloween night for the trick or treaters. We have had several pumpkins smashed over the last couple of years. So mean.

It has a been a marvelous, relaxing weekend. Church was great today. True to form, Faith chose not to sit with us. She found a new family to visit. She has a little friend in nursery she kept trying to wave to. This little friend wasn't seeing Faith so Faith decided to go sit with her.

I love this picture. Well, I love everything about is except how frightening I look in it. Oh well. I bought a cute little Halloween book for Faith because she pretty much never gets anything (we already have too much stuff). Anyway, I sat down on my favorite red chair in my room with her and it was like a magnet for the other kids. To me this picture captures how engaging books are to children. I have some of my very best times with my kids reading books together. I would love anyone to comment on their very favorite book or books they remember reading with their family either as a youngster or an adult.


Ali said...

My favorite book as a child was Charlotte Web ... I still have that book and it is falling to piececs, but I just can't bare to part with it even though my mom was nice enough to buy me a new one for Christmas last year. As an even younger child the book about a bear named Cordoroy was a special one and I still have that one too.

Abe Fox said...

Where The Wild Things Are....Maurice Sendak's Masterpiece was (and is) one of my all-time favorites!

Thank you, Mom, for reading to us kids so often in your Big Red Chair. I can very easily in my mind replace my kids with me, Phil, Jesse and a baby or two on your lap. Thanks for the legacy of reading.

I truly have such beautiful, wonderful childhood memories, and I hope Betsy and I are providing our children the very same!

henryteachers said...

Ok, I am totally with you on pumpkins stinging my hands when it is carving time. I prefer to have G. do it too. Too many favorite books to narrow down. We've had great fun as a family reading books and then watching/comparing the movies to go with them. Our most current read--Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Barbara said...

My very favorite book as a child and still to this day is Three Little Kittens; it is about three kittens who lost their mittens. I am not sure it is in print anymore.

Mothership said...

Amen, amen, amen. It always amazes me how quickly the children gravitate towards me when I am reading a book out loud. Even the big kids who can read so well on their own come to listen. I'm not surprised, I still love to be read to (books on tape are almost like being read to).