Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weird recurring dream

Have any of you ever dreamed your teeth are falling out? Lots of teeth falling out, with only the slightest pressure on them. I googled this recurring dream I've had and of course there are lots of interpretations. Anyway, if you've ever had it (I know a sister-in-law has had it) you know how disturbing it is. Please let me know if you've ever had it.
So last night a girlfriend and I went to an overnight homeschool moms' retreat. We decided to play hooky after the dinner and first talk. We went to Barnes and Noble instead and then came home to sleep in my own bed. What does that say about me that I play hooky from a homeschool conference? Oh well. I tried my first hot chocolate at Starbucks and it was WAY too strong- and I like chocolate more than most! Anyway Abe and I went on a date with Daniel and Lori tonight and I got another hot chocolate at Paradise Bakery. It too was a disappointment. So I guess I just don't have very good taste in hot chocolate-- I like the cheap stuff. I guess I should be glad about that!
Speaking of Abe and I going out on a date we had a cute girl come babysit the kids. When we came home the children had officially tied the babysitter up in jump ropes. She said they were all having a fun time, but I had my doubts. I will be surprised if she will come back to babysit again. Clark isn't old enough to be in charge at home yet, but good heavens- he's pretty much as big as any babysitter we get, so this could become a problem.
My poor little baby is not sleeping well. I know I have made this complaint before on my blog. Before our trip to Portland things had improved a bit, but since our return he has returned to his sleepless ways. Last night he was really mad at me when I wouldn't nurse him ALL NIGHT long. Hopefully, he'll learn quickly!
Today was clean the house and get the yard ready for colder weather day. Clark and Abe mowed the lawn and the girls and I worked on cleaning up the basement a bit. Also Abe helped Clark change the inner tube for his bike and then Abe, Clark and Bethany biked to the local grocery store to get a treat. I loved family bike rides as a child so I am glad Abe does this with the kids. Okay, it is late. I must get to bed. Ciao!


Ali said...

That is too bad about the hot chocolate ... what do you think about Steven's Hot Chocolate? I love the chocolate raspberry one ... and the new peanut butter cup one isn't bad either! And at Starbucks I agree it is a bit strong ... try the hot carmel apple cider ... YUM!

Love the pumpkin patch pictures!

jared, leslie & vale ethan said...

I was just going to say what Ali said..try Starbucks Carmel Apple Cider! :)

Fun post!

Matt and Misty said...

Betsy I have to tell you to not give up on Starbucks just yet. My favorite treat at Starbucks is the white hot chocolate. It is delicious and just the perfect amount of sweetness. One of my friends introduced it to me a few winters ago and I have never gone back :)