Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall and the Capitol

A few of the boys from Knights of Freedom and their families went on a field trip to the Utah State Capitol on Wednesday. The Capitol recently underwent quite an extensive renovation and it was beautiful. I haven't been to the Capitol since Abe and I were newly weds and we went to a BYU homecoming dance there. I had a serious sprained ankle from a co-ed basketball game so we didn't dance much, but it was memorable.

We had about a good size group. Everyone was very well-behaved and had lots of good questions. My kids particularly liked "The Gold Room" with is the really formal reception room with bullet-proof windows where the dignitaries come when they visit. It's called the Gold Room because it is painted and decorated with lots of gold.

This is the Governor's ceremonial office. Across the lobby was the Lieutenant Governor's office and we saw him on his way out. He addressed the children and told them to make sure they never miss and opportunity to vote! The kids got pencils and were delighted.

I just doesn't get any better than this. Kids playing in leaves!

We bought a couple of cheap smaller rakes for the kids to play with the leaves. Clark and Bethany got to them first. Elinor was so cute though, she ran and got a snow shovel to use!

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Matt and Misty said...

I love the first picture with Clark, Bethany and Elinore. I think it captures childhood perfectly...or at least how it should be.