Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls verses Boys

Here is our little happy chappy. Can-Man. What a little joy he is--especially since he has been sleeping a bit better lately. It may still be wishful thinking, but I still see a little bit of red hair. What do you think? Am I just imagining it? I know Abe has siblings with children with real red hair and I don't think Cannon's quite there, but maybe he has a little?



Boy activity! Here is Clark at his TaeKwonDo testing last week. He was testing for his red belt. He passed!

SERIOUS Girl activity!

The girls danced at the South Towne Expo Center for a big Christmas show they did there (small businesses selling their wares). The people who put on the show want entertainment and dance studios want a place to put on a Christmas recital. Anyway, the girls had a great time.

Here are some of the girls in Elinor's dance class. Elinor tells me the little girl third in from the right is not very nice to her. Apparently she told Elinor it was weird that Elinor wanted to be Spider-woman for Halloween. (It is wierd!) Anyway, we showed Els this picture and she pointed out which little girl was mean to her to Bethany. Bethany then said, "yeah, I can totally tell she is mean--she has a mean looking bun!" Oh gracious-- let the drama begin!

Here is Bethany's class going over their dance in the back before showtime. Both girls did great.

Boy activity. Here Clark has built a lego ship. Clark gets a free lego magazine each month to help remind him of all the lego sets he wants to buy. Smart! They always advertise lego building contests where you can win a lego set up to $100. Clark has entered several (unfortunately has never won). But the great thing is- he has to build whatever it is and then write about it-- ah ha!! I LOVE LEGO! It makes my homeschooling job so much easier!

Here we have the first snow of the season. The snowman melted quickly, but it was fun while it lasted. Mom moment-- does anyone else like, but also sort of dread the first snow of the season. It means dragging out all the snow gear. It means finding boots and hats and coats and gloves and snowpants for everyone to wear. Just helping the toddler put fingers in the right places in gloves is enough to drive me to drink! Then you must catch each child when they are ready to come in before they track snow through the house. You've got to find a place for all the snow gear to dry before you put it away. Then you must be prepared with hot chocolate and LOTS of marshmellows when they finally get out of the hats and gloves and coats and snowpants. My goodness, moms are amazing!

Girl activity. Our Liberty Girls activity this week was going to sing at a rest home. The girls did great and seemed to enjoy themselves.

Faith. She is starting to talk a lot more. Yea! She likes to argue. Boo! She has a best little friend she talks about ALL the time. Her name is Abby. Abby's mom does a little art group and sometimes they have little play dates. Today Elinor said to me, "Abby is Faith's God, she worships her" Hmm-- something seems not quite right there. But Faith does love her and Faith has had to be removed from Sacrament meeting two weeks in a row for throwing a tantrum for not being allowed to go sit with Abby. I think we better move to a pew farther away from Abby's family.

I'll leave off with Cannon. He is almost six months old.


Katie Fox said...

I see red on Cannon, and what a cutie.

JanEllenSanders said...

How true about the snow gear....that is why you must make a move South! Funny thing is that my kids were begging for me to find their hats the other day because they were FREEZING!! Do we even have snow hats in Florida? :) Thanks for sharing your family.

Brandon, Rachelle and Samantha said...

Oh Cannon is so cute! All your kids are darling. I am so excited to see you guys over the holidays. Your blog is one of my favorites:)- Rachelle

Matt and Misty said...

What fun pictures! It is so fun to hear about the kids and what they are doing and saying! It just blows my mind how big they are getting!

Mary Ellen said...

I second the nomination that you can call Cannon a red-head. Looks like you guys have been having fun! We are driving down on Saturday and would LOVE to see you guys next week if you have time!

Abe Fox said...

I do not care how boring my comment is......BETSY I LOVE your Blog.....I did notice that you dropped the "Abraham and Betsy" bit from the title. Is that because this is your blog, and your blog only?.....I maybe feel like Georg von Trapp when he said "It says here the von Trapp family, Am I not the head of the von Trapp family".........Am I not the head of the Fox family.

Oh, well, blogging rights, no blogging rights....... I LOVE the BLOG!!!!