Monday, December 29, 2008

Coming up for air. . .

I feel like I am finally coming up for air after being immersed in Christmas festivities for the last week. And what a glorious Christmas it was! The first half of the past week was CRAZY busy with Christmas parties and gatherings. The last half (post Christmas) has been DELIGHTFULLY uneventful being home and playing with new toys!
Where to begin? Here was about the best thing about Christmas this year--
My brother Matt and his wife Misty (in the picture with Cannon) made it home to Utah for Christmas. They are living in Vancouver, WA and they were hit HARD by Old Man Winter the week before Christmas. It was doubtful if they would make it after getting their car stuck and then a cancelled flight and finally a rental car to drive on very unsafe snowy roads the whole way here. They arrived just in time for the Cannon/Behunin Christmas gathering on Monday night. We were all so happy to see them.

Here is Naomi from England! She has been good friends with our family for about 13 years and she came to Utah for Christmas and stayed with my sister Brig and her husband Dev. She brought us authentic mincemeat pies, cadbury chocolates, and a Christmas pudding!

Here is Clark's newest pet, Fritz the inguana. I didn't particularly want this new addition, but Clark found someone selling him on KSL classifieds for $15 and he bought him with his own money. I must admit he has been great so far and very easy to handle. Clark loves it!

We gather each Christmas season with our family friends, Barbara and Allison for good food and gifts. It was great fun as always.

Here is Allison with our kiddies. Faith particularly loved the doll cradle she received. She has been very protective of it!

Abe is a male model sporting his new blue sweater and "blue steel" look. (refer to the movie, Zoolander).

Cannon shows off his new handmade sweater (made by Barbara)!

Here is my dad and my Uncle Spencer at the annual Cannon Family Christmas Eve morning breakfast. I LOVE my family. They are the kindest, most welcoming group of people you will ever meet. The breakfast is an event very much looked forward to.

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