Monday, January 26, 2009


We have a cat. Her name is Flash, but we like to give ridiculous nicknames to all family members, so her nickname is Flash-pants. Where do the nicknames come from? I don't know. Is there a rhyme or reason to them? No. They just come to me. If you've ever played a board or card games with me I've probably given you a "game name". Anyway, we have a cat named Flash. We've had her for about 1 1/2 years. She is exceptionally docile and she is house-trained. Seriously, we've never used a litter box with her. She goes to the door and waits to be let out when she needs some private time. Here's the other miracle of Flash-- she is the biggest puff ball (She's quite a small cat, but super fluffy fur), but she does not shed at all. How is that? I don't know. Well the cute thing is that for a while Abe was been dead set against having Flash inside the house ever. But this cat has worked its way into Abe's good graces and now they occasionally share couch space. He really likes Flash. Just a bit ago he was trying to find Flash and he went around the house meowing in a really high meow voice-- of course he was trying to find her to put her out in the garage!


jared, leslie & vale ethan said...

So now I'm curios what everyones nicknames are and how they got them....

BTW, Happy Birthday to Abe!

Abe Fox said...

Thanks.....for the Birthday wishes!

I'll give a stab at our main family nick-names.....and Betsy you can correct me if I go astray.

Abe - Ee-bay......Betsy came up with this when we were first married (1997), pre-internet for us, and well before we had ever heard of a company called Ebay (I think they copied Betsy's Awesome name-idea).

Betsy - of her uncles gave this to her when she was a kid.....I heard it and liked it.

Clark - none really in use....but sometimes Clarker....and hardly ever is his made-up Hawaiian name.

Bethany - Boo-Boo.......the movie Monster's Inc had just come out when she was born.....and the girl in it is called Boo....but I liked Boo-Boo....also an homage to my wife.

Elinor - Els or Nu-Nu or Nookie.....way too many Ellie's (however cute the name is) Elinor's I came up with Els (pronounced Elz). Nu-Nu is a semi-copy of Boo-Boo.....and Nookie is just Super-Fun.

Faith - Fay-Fay.......Now days, I just have to have 2-syllable short names for my beautiful girls, and Fay-Fay was a no-brainer.

Cannon - Little C, C-Meister and Can-Man......Little C because we already have a Big C (maybe I should use this more often for Clark...maybe not)......and the C-meister and Can-Man.....well, do we have to have reasons for all of these nick-names. Betsy came up with the Awesome Can-Man idea.....for full disclosure.

Betsy, How did I do????

Betsy Fox said...

Pretty good, but let me make a couple of corrections. Your full "game name" is
Elinor's many nicknames, including noonsy stem from comparing her to a nuclear bomb when she was a baby. She was quite a handful.
My true "game name" is Besacia! Big, bad Betsy!!!!!
Sorry, we have such annoying nicknames.