Friday, January 2, 2009

Okay. . . that's probably enough

There are a few exremely blissful days following Christmas. Everyone is contented with their new treasures. There are no major chores that need to be done. No one wants or expects real healthy sit down meals. You don't need to leave the house very often because you don't have anywhere to go. Hair doesn't get done, clothes don't match and nobody cares. You watch movies and play games any time of the day or night, and you are never really sure what day of the week or month it is.
Then comes the day after New Years and you realize,
okay. . . that is probably enough reveling. We should get back to regular life again. That is how I am feeling today. But it sure was a fun Christmas break.

Abe took Clark, Bethany and Elinor sledding on New Year's.

This sledding hill is very close to my sister's house. The kids had a great time and there were no injuries. Last year everyone had some pretty painful bumps and bruises from the same hill.

Faith LOVES Cannon. It is good that she build up a reserve of loving feelings toward Cannon because I figure in about two years he will be able to beat the tar out of her. She isn't the most assertive little girl and he is a really strong little guy.


Katie Fox said...

I don't know Betsy I keep seeing a little red in Cannons hair :-)

Mothership said...

I, too, love the first days after Christmas. It is actually quiet around here because everyone is off doing their own thing.

But, we're back and the days are going pretty smoothly.

That little Faith is completely darling.