Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Things about Me (by Betsy)

1. I think I've been tagged about 25 times to write 25 things about me.
2. I dream of starring in a play, preferably a musical. However, I don't sing very well and I can't act so unless I produce and direct the play, it probably won't happen.
3. I am a nail biter. I know - it's disgusting.
4. Ever since having children I LOVE chocolate and almost always have Dove Dark Chocolates in my freezer. My children ask me to share and I say NO! They are my Mommy Medicine.
5. I love to watch English period dramas. I watch A&E Pride and Prejudice A LOT when I am pregnant. And I've been pregnant A LOT. Abe can just my emotional state by how many times a week P&P is on.
6. I love to make schedules and organize myself, but I hate following the schedules I make.
7. I do make delicious homemade bread. My sister-in-law asked me if I feel like the Little Red Hen. Sometimes I do.
8. I switch back and forth between liquid and pencil eye liner. Abe has never noticed the difference.
9. I like to play games that involve strategy, but I think I enjoy dumb luck games even more. I cannot behave myself during the game of Rook. I should never gamble.
10. I play the trombone. Well, I played the trombone. I don't get it out very often these days except for the occasional Cannon Family Reunion. My kids aren't old enough to be embarrassed by me yet.
11. I LOATHE spiders. I believe I could benefit from therapy for my fear of spiders, but I know I would have to actually deal with a spider to overcome my phobia and it's just not worth it.
12. I don't really need directions and a map to find someplace. If I know the general vicinity I am okay to just drive around until I find it. This drives Abe CRAZY!!!! He tries to print out maps for me.
13. I love reading books aloud to my children. It's a big part of our home school.
14. I love to play Rock Band. I'm quite good on the guitar. Sometimes when the kids are in bed Abe and I sneak downstairs and rock out!
15. I do not mind public speaking, if only I could be assured that I was saying something really good.
16. I am prone to very dry skin. I use a lot of lotion. I wish I could bathe in a tub of lotion. This is Abe's worst nightmare as he is prone to cold clammy skin.
17. It is hard for me to talk about myself without talking about Abe. He is definitely my other half.
18. I like cheap hot chocolate. I haven't found a gourmet hot chocolate that can beat Stephen's Dark Hot Chocolate. But you are welcome to treat to me one you think is better.
19. I have a very acute sense of smell, therefore I do NOT like anyone breathing directly on me. Like when I ask the children if they have brushed their teeth and they open their mouth to breathe in my face to prove that they have brushed their teeth--- DON"T DO THAT!!!!!!!
20. I cry every time I sing the Star-Spangled Banner. One time I was conducting the song in church and totally lost it. Afterward a girl came up to me and said I looked like I needed a friend.
21. I am playing women's church basketball. It isn't pretty, but I haven't scored at the wrong end like I did several times when I was a Young Woman. I haven't scored at the right end either, but oh well.
22. I could not cook AT ALL when I got married. However, thanks to a few cooking mentors/friends, I am now not afraid to host a dinner party.
23. I have never broken a bone. I am the only one of my four siblings to need glasses/contacts.
24. I do not like flying. I don't understand turbulence. Why is air bumpy??? I know-- people have tried to explained to me that it has to do with different air temperatures-- but I just don't get it. It is very disturbing.
25. I do enjoy going to movies, but its about 75% because I like movie popcorn. I like to critique movies and I am kind of a harsh critic.
26. I know there are only suppose to be 25. I am very sensitive to cow jokes. Betsy.


Katie Fox said...

I am so stealing your term "mommy medicine". I am the same way. I absolutely love English period movies. I don't think there was a better movie made than Pride and Prejudice. After reading the book I love it so much more.

Brandon, Rachelle and Samantha said...

This is so funny. Actually, almost every post you write has me laughing and making comments to Brandon about how fun your family is. Thanks for the update on Brig and their babe. I'm so happy for them. Send her my love and thanks for all the fun details on your life.-Rachelle

Kelli said...

I loved reading about you.

#10 - I also play "played" the trombone.
#11 - Spiders - my husband thinks it is fun to tease me by hiding fake spiders around the house - he will feel bad when I have a heart attack.
#24 - I don't understand it's not right.