Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Svester!

Happy Birthday to my Svester! Svester is my nickname for my sister, Brigitta. Today is her birthday and I love her and am SO GLAD she is my sister. In some ways we are very different, but I wouldn't want her any other way. She and baby Brigham are both doing well.

Here we are, my Sweetie and me, at our Stake Valentines Dinner Dance last weekend. We sat with several young couples from our ward and laughed a lot. We got into quite a discussion regarding cold cereal. We went around the table sharing our favorite healthy and sugar cereals. We talked about having a cereal party where we get to eat tons of "shots" of different kinds of cereal. Doesn't that sound yummy and fun?

When we've got to get out of the house, but don't want to spend money we pile in the minivan and head down to the Monte L. Bean museum at BYU. There are hundreds of animals and it is a perfect size-- not so big that it takes forever, but just enough that it's worth the drive down. Everybody loves going there. When Clark is older I think I'll just drop him off there for the day and let him sketch and take notes. We have been going there since Clark was a very little guy. Faith hasn't been there for a while, so she was thrilled. She was particularly taken with an antelope with curly/twisted horns.

I know this is a pretty dorky picture, but we couldn't help ourselves.

This had to be documented because I don't think it will be possible much longer! Clark is growing up so quickly. He is starting to look like a young man to me.

This next part of this post is about FRIENDS. Many of you know I do not care much for the month of February. It's a bit of a downer for me because it is the month the mom passed away and the month we lost Tessa, so I'd just assume skip the whole month. But of course that is not possible and I just want to take a moment to be grateful for our friends. We have had some very fun friend gatherings the last couple of weekends and they have brought a bright spots to an otherwise not so fun month. We enjoyed our book club this weekend at the Flynns house. We've been meeting and discussing books monthly for about four 1/2 years. These people are inspiring to us and our kids look forward to visiting with their friends. So thank you, book club friends.

And the Taylors-- what can we say about the Taylors. We had dinner on Sunday and games. Clark and Ammon have been playing together since they were under a year. Well, we thought they were playing together, but really Rebecca and I just enjoyed each others company. They live in Farmington so we don't see them as often, but it is always great fun to be together! Here is the kids' table at dinner tonight.

Faith and Caleb couldn't be much cuter. We are definitely hoping for a match up down the road!

Clark and Ammon were playing a game, but they said the girls were being too loud so they stuffed their ears full of tissues. But then, how could they hear each other?

We are getting to know families in our ward and are so thankful for their good influence on us and our children. I think we all have some hard things to deal with as we sojourn here on earth, but having friends to share our joys and sorrows with is a wonderful thing. So I say to all our friends, and this includes our wonderful families, THANK YOU!

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D & J Moyes said...

So...uh....the Monte L. Bean Muesem.....our first kiss way back in the day. Just so we understand each other we weren't standing in front of the hippo or anything when Dustin plastered one on me. We were outside on the steps at night. Pretty romantic huh? We LOVED taking our kids there too when we lived there.