Friday, February 6, 2009

My dad and Beverly and Evie came to pick up Bethany today to take her up to Farmington for a special Grandma and Grandpa/ cousin sleepover. We don't do friend sleepovers, so this was a real treat for Bethie!
Another VERY COOL thing- my dad has been recording, "Grandpa Presents the Book of Mormon". He has recorded himself reading the Book of Mormon. He gave us the first installment a little while back and we have LOVED listening to it. Grandpa is very animated in his reading and it is exciting. We can't wait for more!

Add ImageClark received his Bear rank in Cub Scouts at the pack meeting this month. I feel like a total impostor standing up there getting the mom's pin. Because you see, I haven't done anything to help him earn his award. It is his and Abe's thing they work on together. (Although, a lot of stuff he can sign off because of activities done on my watch). However, I can justify standing there to get the pin because for almost two years I have gone to every single pack meeting, with all the children, by myself because Abe has had class the night of pack meeting. So I guess I did earn that pin afterall!

This is the army costume referred to in the previous post. There is something seriously sad about this picture. It's like one of those award winning photographs in war torn countries of children holding real weapons. She said the sword she was holding was a bazooka.
Speaking of bazookas-- the kids have warped the game of "rock, paper, scissors" into "bazooka, force field, dynamite, and atomic bomb". It is played the same way and somehow they have worked out the rules to this more exciting version.

I just can't post enough cute pictures of Faith. She is totally potty trained, with the only problem being she insists on being accompanied to the bathroom. She is still loving nursery and now has the excitement of getting to go to a little preschool singing class once a week with her best little friend, Abby.

Our family went to the Draper Temple open house this week. It was beautiful-- AWESOME! I think some thought I was a little kooky for wanting to take our little ones with us- and there was quite a wait- but I really wanted to be in the Celestial Room with all my people here on earth. Hopefully when they are all grown we can go to the temple together, but that is a ways off (or so it seems) and I wanted a little taste of it now.

A really funny thing happened while we were waiting in the cultural hall for the bus to take us up to the temple. There was a lady on the row in front of us who looked very familiar to me. I finally figured out where I knew her from and I asked her if she was who I thought she was. She was indeed, Julie, from Saturday's Warrior. She was very nice. I wanted to tell her, "hey, do you remember the girl who played Alice (one of the SheDaisy sisters)? She is my second cousin!" But I thought that would be obnoxious name dropping so I didn't. I couldn't help telling her that the kids and I do prefer Saturday's Warrior to My Turn on Earth. I didn't mention that Abe likes the latter better.
I can't help myself! Another cutie Faith picture. This was taken at our Stake Center this past week just before I played in a women's basketball game. I'm just as bad as I ever was (probably a lot worse) but it is really fun. We lost this game, but we did win last week. If I don't take credit for the win, I don't have to take the blame for the loss, right?

Here are some of the ladies on the team. The gal on my on the left in gray is also in the primary presidency. She's wonderful.


Riley and Krista said...

I love your blog. The recording of your dad reading the Book of Mormon is such a cute idea, I'm sure you will treasure that for many years. Also, WOW you are one ambitious Mommy. To take all of your kids to Scouts without Abe - way to go. The picture of your daughter in the army outfit cracks me up. This will be priceless when she grows up and doesn't care about anything but girly stuff it will be great bribery.

KennaBenna said...

To Abe:

Hey Abe. :D
We are leaving to England on March 31st. I am so psyched! I am bouncing off the walls over here! AAAAHHHH!!! LOL :D

Laugh and Smile ALWAYS!!

McKenna :D

P.S I love the army suit picture! lol! :D

Katie Fox said...

Hey Betsy, I understood Abes comment but I was confused because Phil had just posted on facebook that we were pregnant and I though that was Abe's comment on us being pregnant so that confused me. As soon as I realized it was for the tree thing it made total sense. I am feeling alright I think morning sickness is hitting a little early. I am just queazy all the time and extremely tired all day. So nothing out of the ordinary. Thanks for thinking of me. Its kinda weird being the only sis-in-law pregnant maybe someone will join me before the end:)