Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Berlin Candy Bomber

Saturday morning I was reading the newspaper and saw a little announcement that the Berlin Candy Bomber would be at the Hill Aerospace Museum.
I lived in Berlin from 1983-1986 and remember hearing the story of the Candy Bomber. In case you aren't familiar with the story--
At the end of WWII the Soviet Union attempted a blockade of Berlin (located in Eastern Germany). They blocked railroads and roads leading into Berlin. The Allies airlifted food and supplies, dropping them to the beleaguered Berliners from airplanes.
One pilot became known as the Candy Bomber because he dropped candy in little parachutes to the children. He was quite beloved by the German people and his efforts went a long way in healing the relationship between The Allies and the Germans.
That is the story as I understand it. So I was very excited to have a chance to see him and for my kids to see him.
Abe went to a home school conference on Saturday so the kids and I decided to make a little day trip up to the museum. It was great. He talked to the children for about 1/2 an hour and then went up on a mezzanine level and "bombed" the children with parachuting candy. He gave an adult directed speech later on (which we didn't go to) but there were lots of veterans there who perhaps were fellow airmen with this great man. It was a great generation and I want my kids to have as much contact with them as possible before it is too late. The really bizarre thing is that that very morning (well before looking in the paper) I was snuggling in bed with the kids and telling them about East and West Germany and Berlin and the wall and the Soviet Union. I had gone to see the movie Valkyrie with my good friend, Rebecca, the night before and the kids wanted to know what the movie was about. I thought it was so interesting.

This was our first time time going to the Hill Aerospace Museum and I
CANNOT believe we haven't gone before! It was GREAT! I guess it's because Clark was always so interested in animals that we have hit all the zoo type places in all the surrounding states, but we haven't gone to a really fabulous (FREE) museum only 45 minutes from our house. They had a wonderful "Ace Learning Center" with lots of hands on activities for the kids. There were plenty of awesome airplanes from all different eras. I was especially impressed with the friendly volunteers at the museum. I highly recommend this museum if you live close around, but I also think it is a worthwhile stop it you're visiting Utah.

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