Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A break from the pictures

I'm going to take a little break from posting pictures from the trip and write about my favorite moment of the trip. We were driving back from a little beach excursion when Abe started talking about how much he loves going to the beach-- everything about it-- swimming in salty water, sand on his skin, the sun. I told him that I love the sound and looks and the air of the beach, but I don't actually enjoy swimming in saltwater or getting sand all over me. This led us to a discussion of our alter-lives--- that is, our fantasy lives if we weren't happily married with five children!
Abe-- beach bum, surfer dude. He would live on the beach, with a beach house nearby where he would go around half dressed all the time.
Betsy- I would enjoy being a biker babe. No, not a bicycle, but a Harley! I would travel across the country in a huge motorcycle gang, driving really fast on the open road.
Clark-- living in a Brazilian jungle hut all by himself with no people around. He would just study animals day and night.
Bethany-- Design really cool/ weird hairstyles and dresses.
Elinor-- (her's cracked me up, but maybe it was just her delivery) She said she would fly around in an airplane and where ever she went she would turn into that kind of person that lived there. I particularly liked her description of how she would physically change when she went to China.

Please share with me YOUR alter-life. You know, the thing you will never actually do, but you think would be really fun.


Vanessa said...

Mine would be the same as Abe's, I just love the beach more than anything!

Melissa said...

What a fun discussion! Very revealing...

Abe Fox said...

And my beach-hut would be in Hawaii of course!!!!


Leslie Behunin said...

Oh..... I would have a great bank job with banker hours, have my own place, stop at the gym after work everyday to do yoga and work out, go out to dinner on the weekends with great friends and go on lots of dates. WAIT! I lived that life for 11 years before I got married. That's when I would day dream about being where I am now -- A MOM! I guess I'm living my life in reverse.

Baden Fox said...

I would be a geeky librarian or English professor (or both) who wears cardigans and glasses and gets really excited about semicolon placement. (Have you seen the movie "Wit" with Emma Thompson? - that would be me without the dying from cancer stuff.)