Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Bethany!!!!!

Bethany is eight years old! EIGHT!!! How did this happen? We are so happy for her and her upcoming baptism. When our children turn eight, Abe and I take them on an "Eight Date". We go downtown to eat at the Garden Restaurant (at the top of Joseph Smith Building) and then we go around Temple Square and tour the Visitor Centers. Bethany had her Eight Date on Friday night. She was so excited and we enjoyed having some time just with her (and Cannon).

Poor Abe was close to tears all night. He thought it was really exciting and fun when Clark turned 8, but when it is his beautiful, little daughter growing up too quickly it isn't fun and games anymore! Bethany was quite the little lady for the evening and refused her coloring kid's meal place mat and crayons because after all- she is 8 now!

Bethany did order a tasty meal of chicken tenders, but I don't think she actually ate any of her meal. She discovered what Abe and I already knew-- the rolls at the Garden Restaurant are really yummy! So that is what she ate on her eight date. They aren't the Lion House Rolls- they are hard on the outside and soft inside, just in case you wondered.

Bethany received her scriptures for her birthday today. She especially wanted blue scriptures- her favorite color.

She also has been wanting to get an American Girl doll, because we have read a lot of the books. We found these dolls at Target that are just as beautiful, but NOT just as expensive and Bethany decided that would be a better way to go. So she got the doll that came with a little violin!


Leslie Behunin said...


Abe Fox said...

Betsy, I love this post.....Thank you for chronicling our lives in this way. Great pictures, Wonderful commentary.

And if you are purposefully trying to embarrass me with some of the things you write.....well, it isn't working.......but keep trying.

Leslie Behunin said...

p.s. I keep thinking about your "Eight Date" tradition. I love it. I might have to copy it. I'll give you FULL credit if I do! :)

Abe Fox said...

Give Bets the "idea" credit then....

We also plan on doing a "12 Date" and a "16 Date" with each of our children.