Sunday, March 15, 2009

Introducing Winston Churchill

I would like to introduce you to "Winston Churchill Fox". He is our new puppy. Okay, here is the story... Well..., the crux of it is that Abe and I are suckers for a cute puppy.
This puppy came from litter of puppies born to a family in our neighborhood. I saw them outside rolling around their front yard and I thought, "oh, how cute- I'll let Faith go see the puppies." Well, this was the last little guy left (I think he was the cutest) and that is pretty much the story. We still had a lot of our doggy equipment left and this little guy was free. It didn't take much convincing. He's been really fun and the kids have been taking good care of him. Here's a funny little story about Abe and Winston. Winston had a little poopy accident in his crate while we were at church so Abe took the kennel outside to clean it out and left it out in the cold with water in it. When it was time to put Winston in his kennel for the night inside the house, Abe was concerned that the kennel walls were too cold for little Winston, so he took the hair dryer down to "warm up his kennel" for him! We're all pretty smitten right now. He reminds me of my puppy I got when I was ten. Very similar coloring. Her name was "Muffin."

Faith loves the puppy... on her terms. He likes to follow us around and she does not like to be chased, or in her words, "The puppy attacks me!"

Clark is already taking Winston on little walks up and down the sidewalk. The puppy is so cute-- he just follows Clark.
Winston is half yellow lab (yes, yellow) and half blue-heeler. So he'll get bigger, but not too big.

All tuckered out. He's had a busy couple of days. He was one of ten puppies.

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