Monday, April 27, 2009

Change is in the [H] air

When I was a freshman in college I had very long hair. I was pretty stressed out by the first year of college and I decided to get my hair chopped off. IT FELT SO GOOD!!!! Ever since then I have found dramatic changing haircuts very theraputic.
I think my girls have beautiful hair. I have loved their long hair and hadn't ever really thought about cutting their hair short (except when they have forced the issue by taking the scissors into their own hands).
BUT--- a few nights ago the girls were in the tub and I went in to wash their hair and there was A LOT of hair. I thought to myself, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" I suggested the idea of haircuts and the girls jumped on the idea.
So the next morning we all headed off to the salon.
This was triple therapy!!! I think they look darling!

The hair cut was especially fun for Bethany because her hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. There were no tears, but smiles all around. Change is good.


Katie Reall said...

Betsy - your girls hair is so beautiful long or short - thick and beautiful like yours. I am so jealous!
By the way, just read your alligator comment...still debating. I feel like such a beast just thinking about doing it!
Also, not to make this the longest comment in history, but your new family pictures are beautiful, too. You all look great!

Katie Reall said...

Okay, so I'm back to comment. :) After closing your blog I thought about our Freshman year and how much of your hair you cut. Your hair was, if I remember correctly, even longer than Bethany's hair. I thought that you were so brave. And, like your girls, you can wear it however you want!

JanEllenSanders said...

Love the hair!! My girls did locks of love as well. Julia is growing hers out again...

Amy Fox said...

Annie and I also had our hair cut in a bob. I love the haircuts!