Sunday, April 5, 2009

Faith's princess party

This was one very happy little girl! At Bethany and Elinor's urging, Faith had a princess tea party birthday party. I know a three-year-old doesn't NEED a big party, but we all had fun. I guess Clark wasn't having the time of his life, but he did say afterwards that if he was a little girl this is the kind of party he would want. That must mean it was good!

We drew pretty pictures while we waited for each little princess to arrive.

We played "Princess Says" (like Simon Says).
And we played "Princess, princess, queen" (like duck duck goose)

We played "Ring around the princess" and "princess hide and seek"
You will note that even I am wearing my fanciest dress.

And we had a fancy tea party. We had a couple of Bethany and Elinor's friends come over to help serve the little princesses.
It was great fun, but with three daughter's birthdays all within a month of each other I am pretty birthdayed out by the end of March.


Mothership said...

After our last girl's birthday, Justin requested that we not have pink cake for at least six months!

You could take some styling lessons from your Bethany. You musn't ever wear jeans and tennis shoes with a fancy dress!

D & J Moyes said...

You are making me feel bad! Lilly's birthday is on Thursday and I decided that we were not having a friends party because I just didn't want to. That looked so cute though and Lilly would LOVE that! Maybe you changed my mind?.....I don't know that was pretty cute.