Monday, April 6, 2009

The Great Jordan River Exploration

My Dad (Grandpa Cannon to my kids) has a boat. Okay, it is actually more of a glorified inflatable raft, but it has proved quite seaworthy. He took Abe and Clark on a four mile explorative excursion on the Jordan River.
I LOVE this picture of Clark because he is so happy out in nature. It soothes his soul. Thank you, Dad for sharing this with Clark.

Abe had some doubt as to how navigable the Jordan River would be, but they only had to get out one time to walk around a small beaver den. Abe came home like a kid glowing about how much fun he had.

In this picture Grandpa and Clark are looking at where beavers have chewed branches. My dad majored in zoology at BYU so you can imagine how well he and Clark get along. I guess this sort of thing skips a generation.

Abe and Clark by the "SeaHawk II". I understand that my Dad bought this "boat" at Costco sort of on a whim, but I think he has had more fun with it than any retired person I know.


Mothership said...

I didn't know about your dad's degree. What a perfect grandpa for your boy.

And what a fun boys day! Hooray that Spring is here-ish. (:

Ali said...

What a great time! It definitely looks like fun! I am glad that Pete's little boat is coming in handy! Did they see any beavers in that den?

Abe Fox said...


No Beavers sighted....just lots of Fun!