Thursday, April 30, 2009


Elinor had a softball game tonight. She's probably about a third of the way through the season and hasn't enjoyed it too much. However, tonight SHE HIT THE BALL!!!!!! I think she was completely shocked and it took a couple seconds of everyone screaming "RUN, Elinor, RUN!!!!". She made it to first base and then eventually made it home and scored a run. I almost lost my voice cheering for her. She was so excited (okay, so were we!)
Upon arriving home she said, "Mom, I have to admit it- I love softball."
What a funny girl.

Clark's project of the last week has been building a raft with the hopes of floating down the canal on it. It has attracted quite a bit of neighbor-boy attention because, really, who does that kind of thing nowadays? Well, tonight was the big night- the launching of the USS Clark. The good news is that the raft did indeed float. The bad news is the raft could not float with Clark on it.
Now this raft merits some explanation as it looks a little bit um, unconventional, shall we say?
In this picture you are looking at the bottom side of the raft. He has mega taped empty milk jugs to each of the four corners to increase the raft's buoyancy. A note about the wood used for the raft. These are wooden shelves for a rack of shelves we didn't have room for in our garage. I suppose it is very popular to "BE GREEN" lately and Clark has certainly reused and recycled these boards. They were previously used as for the tree house (aka the tree platform). Enjoy some more moments of the launching, the sinking, and the floating away of the USS Clark.

The launching. The whole family had to come watch. This is excitement! Will it float???

Hooray! It floats!!!! Quick, Clark, get on it!

Uh-oh. Not enough milk jugs.

Try again a little further out.
Don't worry, Clark is an excellent swimmer.

Just let it go, Clark, let it go. Yes, that is Abe in the Canal trying to grab a couple of milk jugs that came off.

Farewell, good raft.

We've been tipped off that when they drain the canal in the fall it is a veritable treasure trove with things people have dropped into the canal. Maybe we'll go treasure hunting and share our findings with you. I bet you can't wait!

By the way, as I look at the picture I am horrified with the safety violations I see. Please do not mention them to me. I feel bad enough already.


Mothership said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! What a fun activity! I'm sure the whole neighborhood was out for the launching. I love the ingenuity of that kid.

D & J Moyes said...

How creative Clark is? And how supportive you are...I wish I would be the same way!

And my girls are doing softball as well and they have not been so fortunate to actually hit the ball yet so good for Elinor!!!

Abe Fox said...

Clark, HUGE Kudos!! No Dad could be any prouder. In your continual Quest for Adventure, Your determination & sheer guts AMAZE me!!

You are the coolest 9-year-old EVER!! (Hey, I'm his father......I get to say things like this)

Abe Fox said...

And I cannot leave out........THREE GI-NORMOUS HURRAYS for Elinor!!!!

Els, I will never forget the look of PURE JOY on your face after you ran across home plate!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow, hooray for Clark! Keep trying bud- you'll get it to work! Just like Huckleberry Finn! Hooray for Elinor too! What a cool familiy!

Amy Fox said...

Wow!! You have one of the most fun families I know of. I bet your raft could have handled Annie! What a great experiment!!

The clarkes said...

That is a great project! I'm shielding my computer as I read so that my 7 year old doesn't read it or I know that he would add building a raft to his upcoming agenda and he is not a strong swimmer.