Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cannon's Favorite Toy

Here he is with his favorite toy. He is going on 72 hours straight of carrying this ball around. He laughs hysterically when anyone will play catch with him. I can't help myself- I must post some more pictures of this little cutie.

Sorry about the food in the mouth, but he was trying to throw the ball to me.

In sad news, our little Elinor has been afflicted by the nasty flu bug. She was fine yesterday for the recital, but has spent the day in bed with a pot nearby. Poor thing.
Clark did indeed have a MARVELOUS time on his campout. It was quite cold (freezing in the morning) and the camping was very primitive. They went to bed very late and woke up quite early. These do not sound like enjoyable conditions to me, but apparently upon waking up Clark said, "This is so great! I don't have to do any school work or chores today!" Yikes- I must be some kind of slave driver!
Bethany spent the day playing with friends and kittens. That is heaven for her. Faith got to go on a special outing with Allison to get ice-cream, so she too was delighted. With the exception of Elinor's sickness it was a very relaxing, fun Saturday.


Ali said...

Thanks for letting me spend some time with your family yesterday! It definitely was a highlight to my day. I am truly blessed to know your wonderful family.

Matt and Misty said...

I cannot believe how big Cannon is?!? Is that even the same baby? I can't wait to see you guys this summer. Just a few short more months and counting!