Friday, May 15, 2009

I like to have my people around

I prefer to have "my people" close by. By "my people" I mean my husband and children. Tonight Clark is not under our roof, but is instead on a campout with Grandma and Grandpa Cannon and his cousin Andrew. They are tent camping with plans of early morning fishing in the SeaHawk II (the inflatable raft boat). Clark is no doubt in HEAVEN. He's probably pretty cold as it isn't quite warm camping weather yet, but I'm sure he is loving every moment of being out in nature. This boy's favorite book is "My Side of the Mountain"-- about a boy who lives in a tree in clothing he made from a deer he killed. He's loving where he is and quite honestly, I'm enjoying the break, but I feel better when all my people are around.

I had my first piano recital for my students tonight. It went very well and everyone played great. I have enjoyed these first few months of teaching. I had six of my eight students perform. We did it here at our house and although we were snug, it was comfortable.

Question. Is it a normal part of childhood to not want to grow up? Occasionally my kids, particularly Elinor, come to me with tears in their eyes and express sadness at the prospect of not always being a little kid. I try to to comfort them with the idea that by the time they grow up they will want to be grown up and telling the great things about being grown up. I never remember wanting to stay young. I always remember wanting to be older. I don't have a lot of detailed memories of my childhood. Conversely, Abe seems to remember every minute detail. Why is that? Do you have some children that relish childhood more than others?

Cannon seems to be back to his normal wiggly self again. When he was so sick last week I actually missed his wigglyness. A fun thing with Cannon is he has discovered the joy of a toy ball. He has been sleeping with and eating with a small nerf ball. He delights in rolling it back and forth with people. This probably isn't that unusual with boys, but Clark never expressed ANY interest in balls, so this is really fun for us to see. As many of you remember, with Clark it was all about animals from the very beginning.


Ali said...

I am so glad Cannon is feeling better again! Yay! And how fun about the ball. I remember the obsession with animals that Clark had very well. One of my first memories of Clark is sitting in the car with him when he was about 18 months doing all the animal sounds and he never just called a tiger a cat, he knew the actual name and sometimes the latin name too! Don't you enjoy the differences in each child? I think it is amazing!

Kelli said...

I am like you - I don't seem to remember much about my childhood either. It's strange to me that others do.

D & J Moyes said...

Well I think we should live closer! Josey says that she doesn't want to grow up ALL THE TIME! I have always found it odd too because I remember always wanting to be older. She RELISHES being the little one and cries about it. Maybe we are doing something wrong by scaring them into being grow-ups or something?! I don't know!

But I also don't remember much as a kid and conversely Dustin remebers the most random little tid bits of memory as far back as....and he swears by this....2. REALLY!? My first REAL childhood memory is probably 5 and there is really only one and it isn't really even a memory but animpression.

Hence....we should live closer. We are a lot alike.