Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's my room's birthday!

When Brig (my sister) and I were kids and we were bored on a Sunday afternoon we would declare it was our room's birthday. This meant that it was a time to super-duper, duper organize and rearrange our room. We thought this was the funnest thing in the world.
Well. Today was Abe and I's room's birthday. I put on Pride and Prejudice (A&E) and we organized and rearranged our room. It did take the entire length of the movie to do it. But it feels so nice to be in an orderly, clean bedroom. I really try hard to keep the main living space of our home neat and orderly (I know, I know... it doesn't usually look that way), but my bedroom gets dumped on A LOT-- laundry, organizing outgrown clothing and shoes, blankets and pillows all over the floor from children sleeping on the floor. It's bad. Scary bad. Shameful bad. BUT NO MORE!!!!! Well, no more for at least a couple of days.
Maybe I need more rules about children not coming into our room so freely. I remember not being allowed in my parent's room without permission. I do not remember their room being a trash pit like ours tends to be. But... I do love having the kids come in and snuggle in the morning and tell me what they dreamt about. I love the girls watching me do my hair and make up and asking to use the lipgloss. I love that we love to be together where ever we are in the house. Someday they may not want my company so I guess it is worth the mess to show them how much I enjoy them now.

Abe's dad has lost a lot of weight doing a soup diet. I decided to make the soup today and give it a little try this week because Abe and I have a VERY FORMAL event we're attending this weekend (more details to follow in another post) and I want to be STUNNING. Well anyway, I made the soup. It was tasty, but I think the chocolate cancelled any good it did--oh well. So I told the kids that this was Grandpa Fox's "Magic, skinny soup". Elinor tells me, "Mom, you should eat a LOT of that soup."
I say, "Why is that?"
She says, "Because you're not very skinny"
I say, "That is true-- but it's not a very nice thing to say"
This is the same child who told me one morning last week, "Mom, you should go put your make-up on. You look really plain".
Thank you so much. Is honesty really the best policy? I'm not so sure.


Vanessa said...

oooohhh what event?? Tyler and I have to go to Best of State Sat night, could that be where you are going too?!?!

Mothership said...

That's ironic (about your bedroom) because it is the one place in my house that is usually clean and orderly. I make my bed every day then tidy the room quickly. The REST of the house is continually trashed, but I need one place that is peaceful and clean. The children do always crawl in bed with me in the mornings. I did it when I was young, too. There is something so comfortable about Mom's bed and I love that cuddly, quiet time.

Jenn and Family said...

I am totally laughing....not at you, but WITH you! My daughter asks me ALL the time...."Mom, when are you going to be skinny like Isaac's Mom?" That is my sister she is talking about! OUCH!? LOL!

Yeah, where are you going this weekend that is so fancy?

Also, I NEED more info about the MAGIC DIET SOUP!!!! You should post the recipe on your blog ASAP! I could really use some of that....obviously! LOL! How much weight did Abe's Dad lose? That is great!

I do agree....Honesty is NOT always the best policy! LOL!