Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's Go Shopping in the Basement

Like most families with lots of children, hand-me-downs are a way of life. The clothes not in use are all stored away, somewhat organized, in plastic totes in the basement. Since money is not in excess these days there is not a lot of shopping being done. It's okay though, because who has time for shopping anyway? Well, okay, I guess if I could find the money I could probably find the time, but anyway.
Faith has outgrown a lot of her clothes and shoes (which were Bethany and Elinor's). I said to Faith this morning, "Let's go shopping in the basement to get you some new shoes and clothes!" She was so excited and pestered me all morning in her cute little voice, "Wet's go shapping in da basement!"
We all headed downstairs (everyone had to come because. . . I don't know we travel in a pack, I guess). Faith was THRILLED with every article of clothing and shoes. She spent much of the day trying on every article of clothing! But it was Bethany that cracked me up down in the basement. In a whiny, why-isn't-life-fair tone of voice she said, "Why does Faith get all these new clothes? I want new clothes!"
"Bethany, sweetheart," I said, "you do realize that these are all hand-me-down clothes, don't you? You do realize that Faith pretty much NEVER gets new clothes, don't you? You do realize that we went shopping for 'new clothes' in OUR BASEMENT!!!!!"
I think she is over it now, but she was quite envious!

Now, this next little bit is about a comment Elinor made to me today. Mind you, I am choosing to take this as a compliment. It could easily be construed otherwise, but here it is. I am washing dishes today and Elinor looks at me and says, "Mom, you are finally starting to look a little skinnier after having your baby." Really? Just finally?-- Cannon turns 1 this month!
I smiled and said thank you, but Clark said, "Elinor, you shouldn't really say that." Perhaps she shouldn't comment on adults' sizes (she is very observant about such things), but I'll take that comment over, "You know, Mom, your bum is really big". Yes, I've heard that one too.

Abe is with his brother Daniel at the Star Trek movie tonight. He was so excited to go. He asked if I was sure I didn't want to go with him. Uh, yea, I'm sure. Some of you may know the story of one of Abe and I's first dates (and I use the word date loosely) going to a Star Trek movie. I actually fell asleep during it. It was my only escape. I thought we were going on a date which is the ONLY reason I would have even considered going to a Star Trek Movie. In fact it was a group going and Abe ended up sitting by another girl at the opposite side of the row in front of me. So, no, I don't have very fond feelings associated with Star Trek movies. I'm sure he's having a grand time and he definitely deserves a fun night out so I'm glad he could go.

A very happy 58th birthday to my dad today!

Here's an interesting little story. On Monday Abe called me somewhat frantically because he couldn't find his laptop bag. Fortunately there was no laptop computer in it (that was at home), but notes from his class, his MONSTER Constitutional Law book and a couple folders were in it. He didn't know if someone has stolen it from his work or if he could have left it in his car at work and someone swiped it. He was concerned because he needed to write the final paper for his class that night and not having his book and notes would make it considerably more difficult. No luck. He couldn't find it so he stayed up crazy late trying to piece that paper together to turn in.
Today we got a letter in the mail today from UTA (Utah Transit Authority) informing Abe that something had been turned in the lost and found. Indeed it was his laptop bag, monster book and everything. I suppose someone stole it, hoping for a nice laptop and wasn't very interested in Con Law so they just left it. Yea for us! That was an expensive book we'd like to sell back!

Poor little Cannon has been super sick that last couple of days--a nasty flu. I don't believe it is the "piggy flu", but when they are so little and they lose a little bit of weight it is scary. Hopefully he'll eat with a vengeance when he gets better.

One last thing-- it wasn't a fluke. Elinor hit the ball AGAIN tonight on her first up at her game and made it home. On her second up she struck out but as she walked back to the dug she said to Abe, "Well, I CAN hit it!" Half the battle of hitting the ball is believing you can hit it. She believes!


Ali said...

I am so sorry little Cannon is sick. Takara & Brigham have been sick too, it seems to be going around.

Yay Elinor! How awesome! I knew you could do it! Okay, when is her next game ... I will be there.

And congrats on loosing the weight. So far I am not seeing much success but hey ... I need to get my bum moving. Did the music work out? Because if you want more I am making myself a good ol' mix to take running.

And I am glad Faith was able to get some "new clothes". That little darling is such a fun thing and I can just hear her saying that.

Oh and not to have him feel left out ... Love ya Clark!

Betsy Fox said...

Allison, I must have been wearing something flattering when Elinor said that, because I don't think I have lost any weight. I love the music-- and I would love the new mix you are making. Elinor has a game tonight at 6:30 and one tomorrow at 11:30

Mothership said...

I can relate to the comments about your weight. My girl likes to pat my rear end and says, "I love your wobbly bottom, Mom." Great. I certainly don't.

And, I LOVE Star Trek. We watched the movies all growing up and watched the TV show for a while when it was just Levi and I at home. Fond memories. Plus, who can beat the make-up? I am a little sad to have finally found something about which we disagree!(:

Abe Fox said...

Bets!!! I know that I said last night when I got home at 12:30 that I could wait until the dollar theatres to see Star Trek again.....
But I WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF MY MIND!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Come with me to this movie very, Very....VERY SOON!!!

It really wasn't that violent I promise!!!

STAR TREK RULES.....LIVE LONG and PROSPER....Forever!!! (or for those who have already seen it....Good Luck)

Betsy Fox said...

All right, people. It's not the violence that bothers me. I'm not actually opposed to anything in Star Trek. I just don't really "Get it". It's kind of like D & D adventures. I saw on facebook that you can take a quiz saying whether you are a nerd, a geek, or a dork. I'm guessing I would score VERY low on the geek category which is what I think Star Trek is-- pretty geeky. Geeky isn't bad, but I just don't really get it.
This difference in us will only bring us closer together:)!

D & J Moyes said...

That made me laugh about Bethany being jealous of the hand me downs, because that SAME thing happened between my girls a few months ago. I was giving Josey some of Maddy's old clothes and Maddy was SO jealous! Couldn't believe it! I had just bought her BRAND new clothes as well. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side?

And I would have gone to the Star Trek movie! Did I ever tell you I was a little bit of a trekky back in the day.....I am being serious by the way.

Abe Fox said...

So, Jess....I'm guessing you must be a bit more of a Team-Picard Trek fan, as opposed to Team-Kirk, which is Great! (me too.....I was raised on TNG) But that being said........THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!!!

Matt and Misty said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Every time I log on it makes me feel is a bit closer to home. I am getting so excited for you guys to come out! We are going to have so much fun. I miss you guys like crazy! Also, I love your family pictures. Allison did a great job.