Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day 2009.
It is one of my favorite holidays. We have a standing family gathering with My Uncle Lane's family at 9:00 am at Wasatch Lawns Cemetery. This is where our Tessa is buried, along with my mom and several other family members. Far from being a sad day for us, it is much more a chance to feel very close to those that have passed on before us.

I love the day because it is all the benefit of a holiday-- family time together, tradition, outdoors, patriotism, flowers-- but NONE of the stress that come along with many holidays. No gifts to give, no food to prepare, no house to clean.

My dad shared some thoughts with the family about the military and why we need a military and sacrifice and such. He was quite appropriately attired for the occasion.

Uncle Lane is our Clark family history guru. He always comes prepared with his binder full of Clark family history, pictures and stories. We love him. This man knows how to value and appreciate family. He always reminds us how much Grandma Beth Clark (notice the names!!) would LOVE to see all these great-grandkids running around and would make sure all the girls had beautiful dresses!

Abe explains some family relationships to Elinor. After Wasatch Lawns we go to Valley View cemetery where my Cannon Grandparents are as well as Abe's Jolley great-grandparents (in very close proximity).
The children wanted to put their feet in the creek at Memory Grove but they said it was freezing.
Abe had to head into work for the afternoon so the kids and I went with my dad and Chip and Laura up to Memory Grove where there is a memorial for the soldiers lost in WWII whose bodies were not recovered. One of those soldiers was my Grandpa Cannon's brother, Abram "Hugh" Cannon whose ship was sunk in the pacific. There were a lot of gravestones with the soldiers' name, birth and death dates and where they were lost.
I love for my kids to see that there are things worth fighting for and they are a part of something bigger than themselves.


CannonOaks said...

Betsy, you would be a great reporter with the real human insight. Loved the day and the report.

Abe Fox said...


I am so grateful to be a part of your WONDERFUL Cannon & Clark Families. I also absolutely LOVE our Memorial Day tradition! I would love to visit Wasatch Lawns every Memorial Day for the rest of my life.....until I am PERMANENTLY visiting (my body anyway) Wasatch Lawns cemetery, with you by my side.

Our kids then can keep up the tradition......and come visit us!

JanEllenSanders said...

What a wonderful day! I do wish at times we had our sweet baby Kathryn closer to us but I knew she needed to be by daddy. What a wonderful tradition!! And just let me know when you want to start the "set ups" for the kids!! :)

Abe Fox said...

Well, the "Set Ups" (aka Arranged Marriages) are already well under way and the list is firming up nicely.....but maybe we can squeeze you in somewhere.