Saturday, June 20, 2009

I stand corrected

In my last post I wrote that we thought Elinor might have broken her wrist, but she was fine.
I was wrong. The next day her wrist was still hurting so we took her in for an x-ray.

She did indeed break her wrist. She has a buckle fracture. I finally understood how she did it. She was hopping up and down the rows of benches in an outdoor amphitheater and misjudged the distance and went down.

Elinor is a little bit of "the forgotten child" in the family. She is not very demanding, she is quite peaceful with Abe and I and her siblings. She really enjoyed getting so much attention at the Dr.'s office and from the other kids at home. Clark kept saying, "I can't believe Elinor has a broken bone in her body".

Bethany was beside herself with excitement at getting to play nurse to Elinor, even though Elinor feels perfectly fine and is still getting around as smoothly as ever. Elinor is not overly dramatic so we knew when she was complaining of pain, she really meant it.

She has on a splint right now and we will go in on Monday to see about a cast. If she has a choice as to the color, my money is on hot pink.

Elinor thought maybe she wouldn't have to practice the piano at all, but we came up with a plan. She will be the right hand and I will be her left hand for her. It was really fun to do her practicing today.

I've heard that if your children never have any broken bones you are probably too over-protective. We hadn't had any broken bones up until now. I just figured we must have really strong bones because I don't think I'm that over-protective. I let them ride bikes and climb trees and play sports and play on playgrounds.
Anyway, I will take this broken bone as a sign of my good parenting!


Vanessa said...

Aww poor girl :( Hope she feels better

Matt and Misty said...

When I was about Elinor's age I broke my arm too and nobody believed me. I sat around pouting all night and my family finally took me in the next morning to get it looked at and sure enough it was broken. Tell Elinor that I totally feel for her. Hopefully she doesn't hold a grudge about it like I have!! Love you guys :)