Thursday, June 18, 2009

It turns out I DO like summer

For most of the last ten summers I have either just had a new baby or have been newly pregnant and feeling yucky. I had decided I didn't like summer. As it turns out, I just didn't feel very good. I really DO like the summer. Granted we haven't had very hot weather yet (actually very rainy), but the kids and I have been out doing all sorts of fun activities the last couple of weeks.

We did not, however, do any time traveling. There was a free movie promotion for Disney's Christmas Carol up at the train station in Ogden. We went with our friends, the Taylors. The company was fantastic, but the activity was pretty much a bust. Way too crowded and we would have had to wait three hours to go on the Disney train. With ten children between us, waiting was NOT an option. So we went to play at a park instead.

Climbing on real trains is real fun.

Next stop-- Mars. We joined a group in our neighborhood for a movie at the Clarke Planetarium.

Little Fay-Fay visits the moon.

Cannon enjoys being out and about. He's quite the little extrovert.

Today was the Liberty Girls Retreat. Several chapters of the Liberty Girls gathered for an afternoon of activities and a family dinner. The girls had a great time until the very end when we thought Elinor might have broken her wrist- she didn't but it was sad and painful.

Faith sits on her Frog Prince. While the girls were at the Retreat I took the other children to the Utah Museum of Natural History where they had a Frog exhibit.

It's been a fun week but I think we're ready for a day at home.


D & J Moyes said...

I was planning on taking the girls to that train thing too. I hope it is not as crowded here!

Amy Fox said...

Oh man, that's a bummer that it was so crowded for the Disney train! I am still going to try to take my kids here. I'm guessing it won't be as busy here in Portland, but you never know! Faith on that frog is too cute!!!

The clarkes said...

It's fun to go, go, go for awhile- but I'm with you on the need to have some days at home to recover. You inspired me! I think we'll have to spend a few days touring Salt Lake when we are up there in 2 weeks. It's great to read about your family all the exciting things you are doing!