Saturday, June 13, 2009

A shout-out to our friends in the northwest

We've had A LOT of rain lately. A LOT! It was sunny-well, at least not rainy- this morning, so we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a little hike and picnic. It rained again. We brought along our ponchos for just such weather. I thought of our friends and family who live in the northwest where rain is much more a way of life.

Fortunately the rained stopped after our little picnic (under a pavilion). This very easy trail was up by Snowbird Ski Resort. It was paved and only 1 mile round trip. I guess that can't really be called hiking, but we did see a deer and I was irrationally keeping watch for any bears.

There were still some patches of snow, but it wasn't cold, just crisp. Elinor is wearing her softball sweatshirt, but because of all the rain her last two softball games were cancelled (including one scheduled for today) so we had to go do something fun instead.

When I see pictures of the whole family I think, "wow, that is a lot of little kids. Surely they can't all be mine?" But they are and I love them. Life seems to be passing very quickly and I have some real concerns about my memory. I think that it is just sleep deprivation, but my hope is that when I look back at the pictures and stories on this blog it will all come back to me--at least the good parts!


Leslie Behunin said...

Haha! We've actaully had nothing but sun here in Seattle for about 3 weeks and we are lovin' it! :)

Mothership said...

That is hilarious! I thought that exact thing when your family picture scrolled onto the screen! Sometimes I feel like the clown car--the kids keep coming and coming . . .

We have had a lot of rain here, too. I LOVE it. It is beautiful and bright, though about 15 families were late to church today because of flooding. :(

Matt and Misty said...

What a fun trip up into the woods. I love the picture with the looks like you guys are all prepared for when you move to Oregon (that's right...when you move here...that was not a typo!).Love you guys and can't wait to see you!