Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clark is Surprised and Older

Today was Clark's surprise 10th birthday party-- pizza and games at the park. The party goers were all at the park when Abe brought Clark--blindfolded. This first picture is Abe removing the blindfold.

Clark first sees the party!

Here are my favorite pictures of the day. The girls immediately ran to Clark to hug him. When I told them this morning (after Abe and Clark left) about the party I thought they would explode with excitement. I don't think they could have been more excited if the party was for them.

Here are they all are eating pizza. It was a nice mix of boys from the neighborhood, home school friends and dear old friends.

I think Abe's favorite part of the party was the game of kickball. There are so many parts of homeschooling that I love, but we do miss some of the P.E. games like kickball. They had a blast.

I loved watching Clark feeding Cannon some of his doughnut. Nothing makes a mom crazier than hearing children fight, but nothing makes me happier than hearing them be kind to each other.


Mothership said...

He, he, he. When I first read the title, I totally thought Clark was surprised that he was older. WHAT?? How could he not realize it was his birthday? If he is like my kids, he starts counting down about 364 days before his birthday!

Anyway, I hope (and it looks like) he had a great time.

Happy Birthday, Clark!

Amy Fox said...

Every kid wants a surprise party!! He is one lucky boy!!