Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Mother Could Be Prouder?

What mother could be prouder? Elinor, the Dragon. School is "out" and that means the creativity has been kicked into high gear.

I buy scotch tape in bulk at Costco and yet when we really need tape for something we can't find it because the kids use it for so many other things. If for some reason we couldn't have any toys at our house I truly believe the kids would be completely satisfied if we had five things: paper, scissors, tape, string, and crayons (or colored pencils, or markers). The possibilities are endless!!!!

Elinor eats her dragon food. What a good little dragon! In case you wonder what dragons eat? At our house they eat pretzels and tortilla chips.

"Oh, Clark! It's time to practice the piano!"

I've heard that every good piano player had a really mean mom. That might be true. Yes, my son was hiding in the recycling bin. Apparently we aren't big recyclers because the bin was empty and quite clean.

We've had a busy schedule lately and we finally got around to Cannon's little party last night. One would like to have these events be very special and memorable, but I'm sad say Abe and I were a bit tense last night and Cannon got pretty fussy and it didn't really go over that great. Children are very perceptive to such things. So this morning Clark made an addition to the "Happy 1st Birthday Cannon" sign. At the top he added, "not very". Sad. I guess there's always next year.

Faith loves to ride her bike. She's a busy girl keeping up with her sisters.

Kids and trees are friends. Abe took this picture of Faith and I think she looks a little nervous. I would be nervous too if I was sitting on that small branch!


Leslie Behunin said...

The happiest part of Cannon being 1 is you finally get to turn his car seat around!!!! Woot! Woot! But maybe it's not such a big deal when you have so many other kids in the car to help keep him entertained while driving.

D & J Moyes said...

That first picture of Elinor was cracking me up. Such creative kids you have! And at least Cannon won't remember the birthday right?