Thursday, July 23, 2009

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

It's traveling time. No, sorry-- I can't give details as to when, where, for how long, or any of that good stuff. It's for security reasons--public blog and all.
It is a very complicated process to prepare a family of seven--five of whom are ten and under-- for travel. I try to think of it in a positive way, but. . . no, nothing positive is coming to me. Oh wait! I do get ALL the laundry done and put away as the lead up to packing. So I guess that is good.

All the dishes have to be done, lest you get smelly rotting kitchen sink while you're gone.
Are you wondering why I am typing this post instead of getting things ready? Yeah, me too. Abe is wondering too, but he's trying not to comment.

It's also a good time to inventory my people's wardrobes. Sometimes I find someone is woefully lacking in essentials-- like underwear with no holes in them. But mostly I realize--GEEZ! We have A LOT of clothes and no one ever needs to buy anything new ever again!!!!

We (meaning Abe) gets the car cleaned out really well. I know some people who keep their cars very tidy. Even people with minivans if you can believe that. I'm not sure I can believe it. We do not keep our car very tidy. I think my own children are use to it and actually enjoy that they don't have to clean out the car very often, but we have had comments from neighbor children like, "Whoa, your car is really dirty". Hmm. I bet their moms keep their minivans clean. Good for them.

Oh, here's another thing I like about getting ready. As I pack in my bedroom I always put on some English period drama. Today it was "Wives and Daughters". If you haven't seen it-- you should. Then call me and we can talk about how much we love it.

Wow-- I'm really rambling here. Can you tell I don't really want to finish packing? "Finish" is too optimistic. Can you tell I don't want to continue packing?

My final parting thought comes straight from the mouth of Elinor.
"When you are going on a trip you don't need toys. You don't need to do your hair. You just need clothes. That's all you need. . . and money. . . and if you are going to Hawaii you need a ticket".
So wise. So simple. Why am I making things so complicated?


Melissa said...

Have fun at the reunion! We'll be thinking of everyone...

Amy Fox said...

Why am I spending time looking at other peoples blogs when I have the huge reunion load of people coming into town and my house needs cleaning??? Maybe it's because we need to connect with someone older than 10 every now and then for sanitys sake. I get it Betsy. Travelling is a lot of work as the mom in the family!