Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun With Matt and Misty

Although Elinor's face would suggest otherwise, we had one of our best family trips ever up to the Oregon coast last week.
The first leg of the trip was to stay for a couple of days with my brother Matt and his lovely wife, Misty who live across the river in Washington.
This picture was taken at the Camas Days parade where the kids got even more candy than they did at our parade at home.

Faith and Matt and Mosi (with a long o sound, and sh sound for the Moe-Shee).

M & M next took us to hike Beacon Rock. We made it to the top and although Elinor's face is once again less than enthusiastic-- it was a fantastic hike with a very rewarding view. I think she is giving the hike a thumbs down, but everyone else loved it.

Faith was riding first class.

Bethany was a speed demon.

Everyone is cuter when they smile.

Next up on our big day was swimming in the Columbia River. This is my favorite picture-- pure joy!

Thank you to Matt and Misty for having us to stay with you. You are so good to our children and made us so comfortable.

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