Monday, July 6, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No, I don't mean the 4th of July-- although I do love that time too. But I'm referring to the day that the school supplies go on sale at Walmart!
I stockpile crayons! I buy them once a year and every year the cashier asks me if I am a teacher and of course I say YES. Do we really need this many crayons, you wonder?
Yes for three reasons:
1. I hate, loathe dull crayons. I love fresh, sharp crayons. So when I color with the kids I need new crayons.
2. If I find crayons left out around the house (and I do find LOTS of crayons left out around the house) I throw them away. I have not the time or mental energy to put crayons away.
3. The kids draw and color ALL THE TIME! An endless supply of crayons is so worth it for the peace they provide.
And crayons are dirt cheap this time of year. Although. . . the price did go up a nickel from last year. Now they are $.25 per pack. Still, totally worth it.
Clark at peace in Lego Land. No, not the one in California. The one we make in our family room. I can't remember if I've written about it before but Lego Land has saved our family. It saves babies from choking on Legos and it saves Clark from destroying anyone who might accidentally break a Lego creation. I can guarantee the safety of any project being built, if it is well within the boundaries of Lego land.
Clark has spent a lot of time in here. He will be joining a First Lego League this fall to team up with some other boys to build a robot to solve a problem and compete against other teams. Ten-year-old boy PARADISE! Thanks to Grandma Fox for supplying us with our Legos over the years. You can never have too many.

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Amy Fox said...

A gate-What an AWESOME idea!! Clark looks like he's having fun!