Saturday, July 18, 2009


This is a crushing blow.
I finished reading "Vanity Fair" last night. All 685 pages. I really enjoyed the book. A couple of days ago we watched the first disc of this extremely well done A&E mini series version (think Pride and Predjudice). We had a book club this evening at the park to talk about the book. I was very much looking forward to finishing the movie tonight when I discovered this TRAGEDY!!!!!

Who is responsible for this???? Did it come like this from Netflix? Is our mailman mad at us? Did someone step on the disc. I don't know, but SOY TRISTE!! (and I'm trying to use my Spanish). I think I wrote I am sad.
I don't know if I can wait until Wednesday to get another copy of this. I am begging-- DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS MOVIE I CAN BORROW? I swear I will protect it.
We were missing a couple of ladies from the book-club, but here are A., B., and C.
A. is in the middle. She is quite the jet setter. She and her people are traveling as much as they are home and she has no fear. She spent Thanksgiving in Dubai. I'm sure someday she will take off in a really nice trailer and we won't see her for a year. She is an party planning GENIUS and the founder of our book club.
B. is me, Betsy. Let's move on.
C. is on the right. She isn't French, but she should be. She is THE CLASSIEST lady I know! She has impeccable taste and reminds us to take care of ourselves. She always has a new creative project going and has a kind word for everyone.
J. is not pictured, but I could write a book about all the things I admire in her. She is so well educated and she knows what she wants to do and does it. She is confident and organized and clutter runs scared of her.
It's not just the grown-up girls who benefit from book-club. These lucky little ladies have been playing together for about five years. The otter pops were plentiful tonight!

We try to train them up young to love books, but I think the print was a little small for him.

He squealed in delight. It must have been a good part.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Okay, I'm really sorry about this next one. I really couldn't help myself.

Does "Underwear Head" ever get old?
Nope. It's always funny!
It's hard not to laugh, huh?


Mothership said...

Oh, that is sad! I'm sorry . . .

Question for you. We have discovered that it is hard for us to read more than 500 page books in one month. We split a 1200 page book over a couple of months and the book discussion never happened for it. How do you and your group handle the larger books? (We're not afraid of them, but for book club we can't seem to find a good solution.) Do you spread them out over time, do you just decide on a long book and hope there is no sickness or other distractions?

And, yes. Underwear head is always funny. My mom put my brother's first jock strap on her head as they were driving home from the store. He was 13. He nearly died--so did my mom, but from opposite reasons!

Betsy Fox said...

We don't do too many 500+ pages because the men generally won't read them. We usually decide well in advance if we're going for a big one and we don't schedule those during busier months. We did divide one book over two months and I didn't like doing it that way. If there is a book you really want to read I think it works best just over one month.
I love the jock strap story. Like I said, it just never gets old.

Clark Fox said...

I liked it to.

camfox said...

What a fun thing to do book club at the park. Great idea.
Clark reading was really cute.
Loved the underwear head. And yes, I was laughing.