Friday, July 3, 2009

Roller Derby

Introducing the DORKIEST mom in the world!!!!!
We got our car back Thursday evening and I was ready to PARTY!! We went to dollar skate night at Classic Skating. We've never taken our kids roller skating before and it was a smashing success. I was so proud of all the kids because they tired really hard and they DID IT!

Elinor said to Abe, "I had no idea Mom could roller skate!" And check out my skates! They are official roller derby skates and I bought them at D.I. my freshman year at BYU. I know everybody was jealous of them.
The three oldest all rented roller blades and made it around several times with no major injuries.

I'm happy to announce that roller skating is just as fun and trashy as it ever was. There is this subculture of roller skating/ break dancers. They skate/dance in the middle of the rink with their little groupies cheering for them.

Roller Skating rinks have come a long way in one respect. When I was a kid you could only roller skate. Then along came roller blades and that was okay too. Now you can skate, blade, and scooter and tricycle, and stroller. We didn't hear a peep from Cannon all evening. He loved the wind in his hair as his UBER dorky mom roller-strolled him around the rink.

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen. Faith wore Winnie-the-Pooh skates and she was quite pleased with herself (as she should have been).

And this kid was seriously focused on learning to skate. We're hoping to go again soon so call us to go if you too want to channel your inner roller derby champion.


Mothership said...

Okay, first Star Trek and now Roller Skating. I have to take issue with a few of your comments. First, yes, you do have very cool skates, though I wouldn't have combined them with the capri's. Second, skating is not dorky--it is the coolist thing ever. I LOVE SKATING!!! Also a good place to point out that I am an expert on cool (as I sit here in my eleven year old wrap around skirt). Third, last time I went skating, I actually tried to do the skate dancing--it is hard. I thought it was so cool in that Pepsi commercial, but, alas, it is not to be a skill I can put on any resume any lifetime.

I'm glad you got out and did something "new" (and cool).

Amy Fox said...

I love skating too...I love how you are beyond caring what others think of you, but please, skating is SO cool!!! I wish we had a rink that would allow strollers and bikes!!! How fun. We'd love to go with you next time we visit. I am jealous and I want to join the dorkiest mom club!!