Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to my 31st year of life. To celebrate my hubby took me bowling and BEAT ME!!! How rude of him. We went with our good friends, the Johansens. Jeff Johansen is a really good bowler, but he condescended to bowl with us commoners. I think it just makes him feel really good to shmear everybody. Just kidding. Sort of.

Saying goodbye to Clark's longer hair. He wanted to grow it out a bit, as that is somewhat the style (I guess?) these days. I think we're doing something wrong and it just looks messy (or like his mother doesn't love him). So tomorrow we must go visit Todd, the barber.

Saying goodbye to Elinor's cast. Tomorrow she will have it cut off and she will lose her "club" which she has been threatening her siblings with. It's been quick and painless, albeit a little itchy at times. She is looking forward to seeing how skinny her arm will be. I'm hoping that since she's been able to swim in a chlorinated pool that it won't be too stinky.

Saying goodbye to Faith's more cooperative days. It took a little while, but our little Faith has found a mind of her own. She's making her will known, mainly through crying, on all sorts of subjects. What she will and will not eat, what she will and will not wear, where she will and will not sit, when she will and will not go to bed. You get the idea. Not pretty. I guess I'll have to bust out my parenting books and remind myself what I should be doing. I think I got lazy with Faith because she was SO DELIGHTFUL for long.

Saying goodbye to Suzuki's Book 2 on the violin. Bethany has moved into book 3. We had hopes for a little recital of her book 2 songs, but with it being summer I don't know if we'll get that far. Clark and Elinor don't have piano lessons during July so Bethany feels seriously put out that she still has lessons. Oh the injustice!

Saying goodbye to the one that got away. These are cutthroat trout that Grandpa Cannon and Clark caught on Strawberry Reservoir on Friday. My dad is taking his retirement VERY seriously. Or should I say, he takes his fishing during his retirement very seriously. We couldn't be more grateful to Grandpa for helping fill Clark's need for the great outdoors. Clark told us he almost caught an even bigger one (the one that got away), but it got away!


Reese Roberts said...

sweet blog! check out if you are into today's latest music!

Abe Fox said...

Technically, actually said "goodbye" to your 32nd year of life, when you turned 32.....And now you have started your 33rd year.

But I truly am not trying to "age" you further.......well, not that you seem "old" to me at all, in any way.....Oh, man, I'll just be quiet now......

Amy Fox said...

I'll be Elinor will be really happy to be rid of her cast! I'm so proud of Bethany-and you for sticking with violin. Book 3!!!!!!!! That's an accomplishment!!!