Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"The Worst Plan EVER!"

I love my people. I do not want that to be in question as I share a little frustration with my friends in cyberspace (is "cyberspace" even used nowadays?).

We all get grouchy sometimes. Some get a little more grouchy, a little more easily than others. Without naming names, one of my people (you probably know who or you will soon) tends to get his feathers ruffled a bit easier than most. Today, thinking I was being a nice, fun mom, I say to the kids, "Here's the plan for afternoon/evening: Play with friends, Tae Kwon Do, bowling with Dad, and then haircuts for the boys".

In all grouchy seriousness, here was the response. "That is the worst plan ever. That plan couldn't get much worse. I HATE that plan".

Did I miss something here? Did you catch the part about playing with friends and bowling with Dad? And last time I checked, you loved Tae Kwon Do. Really, you can't think of a worse plan than that?

Tomorrow and the next day is Webelos Day Camp. Oh, happy day! I think this boy needs BOYS, DIRT, SWIMMING, BUGS, NO SISTERS and stupid ten-year-old boy jokes. God bless the Boy Scouts of America!


Abe Fox said...

The lizard Clark is holding is an Australian Blue-Tongued Skink. This was at the Monte L. Bean Animal Museum at BYU. It was a very calm, gentle lizard to hold.

henryteachers said...

Betsy, this post made me laugh out loud. I needed that tonight or maybe I should go to bed, it's been a long day! Yeah for scouting!