Monday, August 3, 2009

Elinor on the Coast

Elinor loved playing with her closest cousins- Gentri and Annie. We don't do sleepovers so it was a special treat to have Gentri to sleep over at our beach house for a couple of nights. These girls played hard all day and then we had children dropping off like flies all over the house when they were too tired to go on.

Our first night on the beach got quite chilly. We had roasted hotdogs and sand for dinner. We found a great park by a lake for our next two big family meals. My sister-in-law, Amy (married to Jesse, brother just under Abe) and her little Jessica are also in the picture.

It was a personal goal of Abe's to take a dip in the Pacific at least once a day during the trip. He did it and Elinor was the only child brave enough to go with him--once. I think she regretted it.
The water was REALLY cold. Mary is ahead of Abe. She was the only brave sister.
I was glad the water was so cold because I didn't have to worry about any child drowning. Nobody wanted to go near the water!

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