Monday, August 10, 2009

Full Circle

It was Fall 1996 and I had met a cute guy named Avi Fox. We'd gone out on a date, but it didn't go so well. Maybe I'll write about that another time. The short of it was that he was quite fresh off his mission and he was still weird about girls.
Still, we would cross paths on the campus of Brigham Young University quite regularly and the flirtatious sparks would fly. One morning Avi says, "Hey, do you want to go to the new Star Trek movie, First Contact, tonight?"

Ooh, cute guy is asking me out on a date. Umm, I really don't care anything at all about Star Trek, but ooh... cute guy is asking me out on a date. I can pretend I care about Star Trek.

I am in my apartment of six lovely ladies, #148 at the Glenhole. Oh, I mean the Glenwood. I think they've done some rennovations, but it kind of was the GlenHOLE when I lived there. I was gussied up and waiting for my date, Avi Fox, to come pick me up. I'm waiting. I'm waiting. Where is he?

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK (frantic).
Abe (out of breath): "Are you ready? Let's go! "
I quickly follow him out the door and out to a running car filled with several other people. Some of whom are other cute girls. Hmmm. What's going on? I quickly make two bad realizations.
1) Avi Fox almost forgot me.
2) This is NOT a date. It's not even a group date. This is a group of people going to see a movie I CARE NOTHING ABOUT!

We get to the theater and the large group (not just our car full) are arranging seating. As it turns out, Avi was sitting at the far end of the row in front of me next to another girl. I believe her name is Lisa, but that's not important.
What can be done? Nothing. I know nothing about Star Trek and I care even less. I am humiliated, MAD and trapped at the theater. My only recourse is to go to sleep. Avi Fox keeps turning around to look at me, but I don't notice-- I'm steaming and snoring.

Upon returning to the Glenhole, Avi Fox quickly came to my door and apologized and said I was the girl he really wanted to sit by. Smart boy. And he was really cute-- so I forgave him. We had a nice talk and the rest is histoy. History that should still be written down, but that's pretty much the end of that story for this post.

May 2009--Star Trek movie comes out. Oh JOY!!! I happily encourage Abe to go see it with anybody he wants to, however many times he wants to. Just not with me.
He came home gushing over how great it was. He monopolized conversations with people for weeks afterwards elaborating on Star Trek intricasies. He apologizes again for the 1996 Star Trek incident and begs me to go with him.
I agree to go when it comes to the dollar theater. It's definitely not worth $7.50! I think someone should pay me to watch it! This weekend my number was up. Star Trek finally arrived at the dollar theater. I figured if there was enough butter on the popcorn I could endure anything.

I was more than pleasantly surprised. I QUITE enjoyed it. I was sad when it ended. And I had Abe with me to explain every little Star Trek inside joke to me. I guess this means our relationship has come full circle. I even watched Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan with my people for FHE tonight. However, the actors were NOT as good looking as in the new movie, so that took away some of the enjoyment. I shouldn't push myself too quickly.

FYI-- Abe was taking a Hebrew class at BYU and as there were two other Abrahams in his ward he decided to go by Avi (a shortened form of Avraham). We were engaged before I realized--"Hey, that's not really your name and nobody else in the world calls you that!)


Ali said...

Cute men in a movie definitely can improve it! Glad you enjoyed it. Still haven't gone yet. Maybe one of these days ....

P.S. And I think most women have endured a bad movie for a guy ... it is the main reason I saw the first two Lord of the Ring films.

Abe Fox said...


The STAR TREK movies and the LORD OF THE RINGS movies RULE ALL other movies COMBINED with an Iron Fist!!!!!

Well, that might be a bit of an over-statement......but you have labeled these movies as "bad" and that MUST be defended. It is fine if YOU do not like them.....but that does not make them "bad".

Now go and......Live Long and Prosper.

(And...Yes, once again, I have now openly declared my SUPER-GEEK-ness to the World......and I don't CARE!!!!!)

henryteachers said...

Oh, I just loved this post. How neat that your relationship has indeed come full circle. What a funny first date! I'm glad you forgave Abe. You two are such a great couple and look at the wonderful family you are raising now! And I was wondering why you kept calling him Avi. :) One thing I do remember when you were engaged was Abe dancing to Michael Jackson in your Glenwood apt. When he died, I was thinking, I bet Abe is dancing to his hits right now. True?

Kelli said...

love the story -

Mothership said...

YEEEAAAHHH!!! I'm with you, Abe! I love both ST and LOTR.

Betsy, I am delighted to hear that you have been converted. Now you must watch the rest of the movies so you can get the inside jokes yourself. The movie was genius with the way they integrated so many of the goofy characteristics of the original cast members.

And . . . if that wasn't that bad first date, you must fill us in.

Abe Fox said...


Regarding the Michael Jackson comment.....Ummm....VERY TRUE! For a week or more we had MJ blaring on the stereo while I taught the kids some of my moves, and I was staying up way too late watching all of the Michael-Junk on TV.......especially the "King of Pop"'s music videos.

Favorite MJ song overall - Man in the Mirror
Favorite MJ Dance song - The Way You Make Me Feel
Favorite MJ Slow song - She's Out of My Life
Favorite MJ Album - Dangerous (every song just ROCKS)
Favorite MJ music video -Thriller (of course)

Ali said...

Okay Abe let me clarify ... bad might not have been the best word of choice. But here is my opinion, while the Lord of the Ring films are well made (heck Peter Jackson is an amazing film maker!) they are not good in the fact that each film doesn't have both a beginning and an ending. These are vital things to a film. You have to watch them together. Heck the middle film has neither! While the first two are definitely not my favorites, the third one is awesome. The emotion and action all tie in to a good mix of films. So while they are not bad they aren't fabulous.

P.S. Good taste on the MJ picks.

Abe Fox said...

I'm reading Return of the King right now with Clark.....and we can't wait to finish so that we can then watch the movie together.

henryteachers said...

Abe, I knew it! :) Thanks for sharing your MJ favorites.

MaryRuth said...

Ok... your post made me laugh on many levels.

1. I lived in the Glenhole the same year you did. And yes, it was a complete hole.

2. I believe my roommate Emily was in that car of girls on the way to the movies with you guys...

3. I had to see the exact same movie at the exact same time when I was dating my now husband. It was worth it to be with him.

4. I had never seen a Star Trek OR a Star Wars until I started dating Joey Francks. Mike Francks, my future Father in Law called me the Anti-Christ. It was almost a deal breaker for the Francks family. I've seen Star Wars (and Star Trek) since then and I still don't understand the big deal.

3. Avi was my FHE brother and such it will always be his name... plus its written in my scrapbook (FHE pages) as Avi... so thus it will be forever and ever in the chronicles of my BYU scrapbook.

Love your blog!

p.s. I loooooooove Lord of the Rings... does that give me any points? :)

camfox said...

What a fun post Betsy! What a great story.

Abe, Nate is a huge MJ fan as well.