Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Question of the Day

Question of the day, posed by Elinor.

Mom, if we were a family of turtles. . . what kind of turtles would you like us to be?

I was at a loss. I've never even considered it before. How many different kinds of turtles can I think of? Let's see, there are snapping turtles, red-eared painted turtles. . . Yeah, that's all I can think of.

Fortunately she hands me the "Pocket Naturalist: Reptiles and Amphibians" guide so I could make an educated answer.

At first I chose the map turtle because it looked delightfully symmetrical. But then Elinor pointed our the classic, Green Sea Turtle. I was sold. Definitely, I would choose the Green Sea Turtle.

What about you? I know-- it's so hard to choose!

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