Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cannon at the Coast

What kind of idiot mother dresses her quick crawling baby the color of sand on the beach?
He was hard to keep track of. But he did love to eat the sand. Mmm. That must be so good for the digestion.

Yes, he just shoveled it right in. Handful after handful. My loving family would draw my attention to it and I would just tell them I was aware of it and I was okay with it. Seriously-- there was a lot of sand. It was a losing battle. So I gave up.

Cannon's first 4-wheeler ride. Actually, it was his first illegal act, too. Apparently it was illegal to ride 4-wheelers on this beach and the beach police tracked down Dad Fox with the threat of a hefty fine. Pooh!-- no more 4-wheelers.

We went on a huge group hike one of the days. Cannon enjoyed his ride with Abe. We felt a little bit sorry for anyone else who went on this hike at the same time as the Fox Fifty! They were probably hoping for a peaceful quiet time to commune with nature and instead they got. . . US!!!

Cannon reached delirium driving back from the beach. Hysterical laughter interspersed with bouts of frantic crying. He was ready to be home!

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Melissa said...

Looks like it was a grand time... sorry we missed it!