Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Faith was a Valentine's making machine this year.  She had her list and she was determined to do all the writing on her valentines.  

But that is not why I posted this picture.  I would like to draw attention to the condition of the kitchen area in the background.  HAIRY SCARY!!!

You've heard of overweight people (yes, I do realize I fit into that category as well), who don't realize how large they have gotten until they see a picture of themselves.  I don't think I realized how messy my kitchen was until I saw this picture.  Cabinets open, counter filled with junk, dirty dishes, ect.  In my defense, I did proceed to straighten it up (notice I didn't say "clean it up"-- I didn't go that far) shortly after this picture was snapped. 
House cleaning would be so much more rewarding if it didn't have to be done so often, don't you think?
Abe and Clark recently attended a Winter Day Camp for 11 year-old scouts.  Clark is squished into a snow cave in this picture.  Which reminds me of the time Clark was very unhappy with Abe and I (it happens sometimes) and he hid in a neighbor's snow cave for quite some time.  I won't go into more detail than that (must respect the man-child's privacy and the story doesn't make me look very good either).   However, Clark is doing a really fantastic job of regularly and responsibly getting all his work done and using his time well.  I am so grateful.  The same cannot be said for every member of this household. 
She is an angel!  Look!--she fell asleep while praying!

Be still, my heart!  Can I get 6 more just like her?  
Clark had his first wrestling match last night and is currently UNDEFEATED!!!  
In truth, the match was canceled just as we arrived due to a power outage, so he hasn't actually wrestled yet.  But I'm sure he would have won if he had wrestled!  We were all so excited to go see him that we rushed through dinner and packed ourselves all into the minivan (we don't all go together many places except the church around the corner).  You can imagine how delighted we were at the cancellation.  Boo!  Hiss!  I was ready to see my sonny boy beat up another sonny boy.  Oh well, I guess I still have that to look forward to another day.
Ice cream cones were the consolation prize.  
I mentioned before that we've had lots of gunky sickie poos around here lately.  After a week and a half (plus), I finally realized I ought to take Cannon to the Dr.  I took him yesterday, but it truly did not occur to me that such a visit might be in order until the day before.  What was I thinking?  I don't know.  But I'm glad we went because Cannon has ear infections in both ears and George (who the appointment wasn't even for!) also has an ear infection.  

No fun.

Abe has class this evening so we're on our own.  Shall I make dinner or shall we have every man for himself ?  You know, every man for himself really only works if every man (and child) is capable of of making himself food.  Which half of my people are not, so I guess that won't make my life any easier tonight.  Making dinner it is.  


Ciao-- as in goodbye--Not to be mistaken with Chow!  Which is what I'm off to prepare.

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Mothership said...

Two things: One, darling dress on the little Angel Faith and two, Elinor with the ice cream reminds me of a little Marjorie Fox I used to know.

I, too, wanted to skip meal prep tonight. I really wanted to give in to the pleas for pizza, but STOOD FIRM and denied that money suck. I got up and fixed it and now? Guess. Yes, my kitchen is a mess and all of my energy for that room is gone for the night.

I implemented our first weekly report today. Thank you for the great idea. I will now relinquish control of the comment box.