Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Full Day

About a month ago, without his knowledge I signed Abe and myself up for a 5K race.   It was free and we'd get a nice shirt out of it and I really wanted Abe to start running with me.  I figured those were three very good reasons.
He was a good sport and agreed to do it.  Free shirts will entice people to do all manner of crazy things.  The race was at 8:00 AM yesterday morning and IT WAS SO FUN!  I loved it!  I like running with Abe because although I've got more endurance right now (he'll catch up), he's got longer legs and can go faster than me.  I have to work a little bit harder to stay with him.  
Our good friends had several members of their family run it as well.  It was just such great fun.  There were lots of kids that ran as well.  So now that I've got Abe with me, which of my people is next?

Yesterday was a very full day-- next up was Bethany's dance competition in Spanish Fork.  Now, putting aside the fact that I do not love dance competitions, yesterday's was the most enjoyable one I've been to.  It moved along quickly and was well organized.  Because of our race in the morning I gratefully enlisted the help of my Dad and Bev to drive Bethany down earlier than I'd have been able to get her there.  I did, however, make it in time to see both her ballet and lyrical routines.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was super proud of her.  She was just beautiful and I am kicking myself (I really did just kick myself) that I didn't take any pictures to post.  Shame on me!  See what happens when Abe isn't there to take pictures!  And I call myself a mother! Anyway, there is still a recital in June and I will not fail to take pictures of her in her costumes then.  

Next up on the schedule Elinor and Faith went to a three hour softball clinic in the afternoon.  I really don't know how worthwhile it was, but they were pretty worn out at the end.  That's got to be good for something, right?  I did see Faith turning a lot of cartwheels in the outfield.  Which I suppose is more productive than picking grass in the outfield.  
For the record, Faith does not ever pick grass in the outfield, and only turns cartwheels during practice-- never during games. 

And last but not least...
Clark had his closing night of performing in Shakespeare's somewhat less known play, Love's Labour's Lost.
Where do I begin to explain Clark's love of his Shakespeare class?  
Let's start here, with Andrea Flynn.  She teaches the classes and directs the plays.  She does an older group and a younger and Clark is in the younger.  She used to do an even younger group that Clark, Bethany, and Elinor all did.  She has directed The Tempest, Midsummer Night's Dream, MacBeth, Much Ado About Nothing, (another I can't remember at the moment) and now Love's Labour's Lost.

And these young people EAT IT UP!!  I mean, they can't get enough.  She must inspire them something fierce! They do the old style renaissance dances, they quote Shakespeare to each other, they even write their own scenes in Shakespearean language.  It is magnificent, even if it is about the strangest thing I've ever seen.  I mean that in the very best possible way.  
Here is Clark with a fellow thespian and Pi Pod team member.  I credit this co-ed class with the recent change of heart the man-child has had.  And I quote, "Girls are people too.  They aren't so bad.  They're kind of interesting."

You heard it here.
I know most young people won't understand all the language.  Heck, most adults won't understand all, or even most, of the language.  But it flows beautifully and the actors all delivered their lines quite clearly and understandably.  I think it's good to just get used to hearing it.  

I can see why they love Andrea-- she is remarkable!  And I can see why Andrea loves them-- they are a remarkable group of youth and I couldn't be happier to have such friends for Clark.

Abe note:  Here is a link to an excellent "behind the scenes" youtube video of L.L.L.
  And here is a youtube video of L.L.L. highlights featuring Clark:
(This 2nd video takes forever to get going.....sorry)
  And one more link to a slide-show of L.L.L on youtube:

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Abe Fox said...

Bets.......Thank you, Thank you, for inspiring me to start running with you. You absolutely have NOT been pushy about it, and I really have liked running with you over the last month (I'm sure the LOVE will come in time).