Monday, April 23, 2012

I Have Confidence

It takes a confident woman to share a raw and real photo taken first thing in the morning.  But first thing in the morning with a puffy eye due to an allergic reaction to make-up and a sun-burned tomato face-- now that is radiant confidence.
For future reference for myself (because this has happened before), Revlon eyeliner is good.  Loreal eyeliner is BAD.
Do not be tempted if the Loreal is on sale.  $3.00 is not worth it. 
You were allergic two years ago and you will be allergic two years from now.  Don't make the mistake again.

It takes a confident woman to admit to the world that I'm more of a Walmart gal than a Target gal.  I want to be Target.  Who wants to be Walmart?  Target is stylish and hip.  Trendy and cute.  But since by this point in life I cannot accurately be described as any of those four words, I am left to accept my fate.  I am Walmart.

This evening I needed to go out and buy some clothes that fit.  I am not complaining that I've lost enough weight to need to buy new clothes, but I DO NOT LIKE CLOTHING SHOPPING.  Or grocery shopping, or toy shopping or electronics shopping, or online shopping.  I do not like shopping, Sam I am.
Oh, wait I do like shopping for books.  Barnes and Noble is probably the only store I actually like going to.  But I digress.
I picked Bethany up from dance and told her we were going shopping.  She was overjoyed.  I needed her support.  We headed to Target because, hey I've lost weight, I might look good in some stylish clothes.
I did find a pair of running capris, but that was it.  I wouldn't even know how to wear most of the clothing I saw at target and I'm pretty sure I'd look like a total poser.  Come on, Bethany, we're going to Walmart.

And as I hoped, there were plenty of "pieces" at Walmart that I will be very comfortable wearing.  Sigh. 

And one more thing in this riveting tell-all post.  I saw an old friend from my high school days while I was at Walmart at 9:30 at night, with no make-up on, with itchy puffy eyes, and not having brushed my hair even once today.  Yep, I have confidence.


Kajsa Pace said...

I just had an allergic reaction to makeup just last week and I also ended up with a puffy eye. No fun, glad you figured out what it was. :)

Inspiration Station said...

I feel the same way. I so want to be a Target girl, but find myself at Walmart way more often. Did you run into an Annandale ward friend? I hope your eye is feeling better soon.

Schramm Family said...

Im pretty sure you are writing about me..... except for the loose weight part....

I have found kohls with LOTS of coupons works for me. Still trendy and "nice"/some modest that won't break the small budget.

I agree. I despise clothes shopping for myself.

christini yogini said...

Oh, Betsy!!!! You're still beautiful! Hope your eye feels all better soon!
You are in need of a GF luncheon/shopping soon can you get here????
Love and hugs, C

Gabrielle Kim said...

I'll break you into Target! You should have confidence - you are amazing! Better your run in than mine with an X-boyfriend and my "fly" undone. I don't think he noticed, but I none the less will be mortified for life!

The Kibbie Family said...

Oh I am so sorry about your puffy eye! Every make-up brand, but one does that to me. I suppose that is why I have given up on make-up. I hope you eye recovers very quickly!

Naomi said...

Betsy don't you worry I'll be there somewhat soon, I'll go shopping with you, we'll have Target not being good enough for you!!! You look great even with a puffy eye!!!