Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little More Spokane

We're back home and settling nicely into our regular life, but I wanted to post just a few more Spokane pictures.  This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip-- from left to right is Mike, Marj, Abe, Amy, me, and Ninja Mary ready to go for a run on the Centennial trail.  Mike and Marj (Abe's brother-in-law and sister) are super into working out at a place called Crossfit.  I went with Marj to a couple of classes while I was there and it was very tough.  It took several days to recover.
Abe's dad is the general chairman for a HUGE Boy Scouts of America encampment this summer in Washington.  He took Abe and Clark, who will both be attending this summer, out to the site where the camp will be.  
One of the things we miss by not living in Spokane nearby so many of the cousins is "Grandma story time".  Once a month or so the cousins gather at Grandma's house for story time with Grandma.  We were so happy to finally get in on one!
Asher (Jesse and Amy's), George, and Brigham (Mike and Marj's).  There have been many years of many little girls in the Fox family-- it's fun to have lots of little boys running around.
It was close, but Clark's pride is saved.  He's still slightly taller than cousin Alexis.
Elinor and Annie
Bethany and Julia digging a well in the sand box.
 Adults night out.  This is a lot easier to do now than in years past because more of us have built-in babysitters.
YES!!!! They finally beat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game that no Fox has ever beat before!!!!!
It was a real cause for celebration.
Bethany and Talitha
The rope swing in the kitchen was a favorite for Faith.

Georgie loved the horse.

It was a wonderful trip and so nice to get so much time to play and visit with family.  It was just the right amount of time to be away and now I am feeling so grateful to be back.  I feel rejuvenated and contented and happy to be home with my  people.

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